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  • Product Empties #6 || Mini Reviews


    Hello everyone! Pročitajte ovaj post na hrvatskom! We are still in the favorites/cumulative product reviews kind of vibe.  I have already shown you my makeup favorites and my skincare favorites. Today I am going to show you all the products I’ve used up since the last post. As you may have noticed, I haven’t used […]

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  • All Time Skincare Favorites

    skincare favorites

    Hello everyone! Pročitajte ovaj post na hrvatskom! As you may have noticed last week, I posted my All Time Makeup Favorites post. So, I thought: why not do skincare as well? Today I am bringing you my all time favorites for my face, so I hope you’ll enjoy. Also, just a heads-up: I am probably […]

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  • All Time Makeup Favorites

    Makeup favorites

    Hello everyone! Pročitajte ovaj post na hrvatskom! Only 7 days later and there is a new post on BeautyPepTalk? Something must be wrong 😀 I decided to show you everything I love makeup-wise. (Soon you can expect a skincare favorites post.) So, these are tried and true, holy grail items I actually love and use […]

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  • Najdraži makeup proizvodi

    Bok svima! Read this post in English! Samo 7 dana kasnije novi post na BeautyPepTalk? Nešto se gadno događa 😀 Iskreno, pišem ovo za vrijeme kad bih trebala učiti, ali eto… barem je novi post na blogu! Odlučila sam vam pokazati sav makeup koji volim. (Uskoro možete očekivati i favorite za njegu kože.) Dakle, ovo […]

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  • L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

    Hello everyone! Pročitajte ovaj post na hrvatskom! Yes, I’m back. I have to say. The start of this year was crazy. So many things happened. Some people say January is the longest month. For me, I still have a feeling it’s mid-January. I had so much work to do, so many things happening, so much […]

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  • What I Got for Christmas || Christmas Gifts

    Christmas presents

    Hello everyone! Pročitajte post na hrvatskom! Happy new year! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, that your resolutions are all written down and ready to conquer. I have to say, my goals for this year are much more achievable than how they used to be. I will write them all down and […]

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  • Christmas Decorations || #KellysDiyXmas no.9

    Hello everyone! Today, I have a new Christmas DIY for you. Can you believe it’s only 10 days until Christmas? Since we have more than one week to go, you definitely have time for a few more DIYs before Christmas, and today I’m bringing you two new projects. One is super simple, and the second […]

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  • Advent Wreaths || #KellysDiyXmas no.8

    advent wreath

    Hello everyone! It’s December! Officially. It is now becoming a tradition of mine, that I post 4 (or 3 :D) DIY posts during December. Today, I am bringing you the first Christmas DIY post, and it’s going to be 2 Advent Wreaths. Neither of them is a wreath per se. So it’s actually my take […]

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  • Black Friday Deals 2017

    Black Friday deals

    Hello everyone! Read this post in Croatian. One more time, we meet for Black Friday. I hope your Thanksgiving was fun, if you celebrate it! Now, today is Black Friday. The biggest holiday for shoppingholics! Let’s see the deals that I’ve found, by overcrowding my inbox. Just for you!

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  • YSL Black Opium i Farmasi Reina Midnight || DUPE?

    Black Opium Reina Midnight usporedba

    Bok svima! Read this post in English. Prije otprilike dva mjeseca, prvi sam put čula za Farmasi. Dok sam listala katalog, našla sam neke zanimljive ponude, i na kraju sam naručila nekoliko stvari. Što sam točno naručila možete vidjeti u zadnjem NewIn postu. Ipak, ono što me najviše zaintrigiralo je bio parfem Reina Midnight, za […]