Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday deals

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Black Friday deals

One more time, we meet for Black Friday. I hope your Thanksgiving was fun, if you celebrate it! Now, today is Black Friday. The biggest holiday for shoppingholics! Let’s see the deals that I’ve found, by overcrowding my inbox. Just for you!


I think Ebates is a great way to start this post. Why? Because if you are a true shoppingholic (you already know about it, but if you don’t, just keep reading…) you need this app/website!

Ebates is a rabates website, which pays you back some of the money you spend on online shopping. They have plenty of stores there, you can find them on the website. You can get up to 25% cash back in some stores! This Black Friday, they have double cash back in some stores.

HOWEVER! If you sign up using this link and spend $25 anywhere they collaborate with, you will receive $10. You can redeem the money on PayPal and use it… on more shopping, of course!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s see some real deals!

TAM Beauty

Tam beauty is a website where you can find Makeup Revolution and all their sister brands! They have up to 70% off on a part of their offer and 1/3 off on hair care.

Cloud 10 Beauty

Cloud 10 Beauty have 20% off everything with code BLACK20. You can find high end makeup for quite reasonable prices there, as well as some more luxury items.


We all know about FeelUnique, especially if you are from Europe. That was one of the first brands that had some (formerly) unavailable brands here, like Urban Decay. You can see some of my hauls here and here. They have brand offers up to 60 % off and 20% off on fragrances. They also have 15% off your order with code SHINE.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

This is quite cheap makeup. However, be very aware… My price was doubled once I switched my country from the USA to Croatia. Literally. From$27 to $54. If that happens to you ‘it’s just how it is for international countries.’ Not fair. However, use code CELEBRATE for 50% off for orders over $30 (sitewide). Honestly, I can’t recommend the site, because it seems to be full of bugs, but maybe they’ll work it out.

The makeup seems to be really cheap, and good quality, but check my Insta story to see what happened. Also, they offer 7% cash back on Ebates.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols offer a bit higher end products. This Black Friday, you can find 25% off on Fashion, shoes, accessories and kidswear and 10% off on beauty and homeware. They offer 4.5% cashback on Ebates.


Once again, Colourpop has great deals all ‘Black Friday week’. However, on actual Black Friday, they only have their liquid lippies for $4.  I’d say that’s a bit disappointing, but now we know. Black Friday is not the day to shop on Colourpop.


BornPrettyStore is one of those stores where you can find anything. They have these Buyable coupons: $12 off orders $25+; $30 off orders $65+; $55 off orders $125+; $115 off orders $275+. They also have up to 70% off some items and free worldwide shipping.


We all know Sephora. Amazing brands, but quite expensive. They have 3% cashback on Ebates, and they have a bunch of sets for $15 and under.

The Beauty Store

The Beauty Store say it’s Black Friday every day there, and I can’t really disagree. They really do have awesome discounts. I just found out about them while researching for Black Friday, and I think it’s cool.


Asos is the store where you can find pretty much everything fashion and beauty- wise, and it will be quite decent quality. They have 2.5% Ebates cashback and 20% off everything with code WIN20.

Ali Express

Anything from kitchen gadgets and home decor to makeup 😀 This Black Friday they have special offers on fashion, beauty, shoes and much more.

Cashback 3% on Ebates.


Zaful is a clothes website. You can find various deals like %% off for each item you buy, or $$ off your order.

They also offer 15% cash back on Ebates. (How GREAT of a deal is this? 15% off already very cheap clothes.)

SheIn has decent quality clothes, up to 80% discounted, with 10% sale on sale. For Black Friday they have $$ off your order, as well as up to 80% off some items..

Happy Socks

Happy socks is exactly what you are probably imagining… socks. But with incredibly fun prints. They offer 40% off and free shipping. They also have 10% cash back on Ebates.


Of course, eBay is an all time favorite. You can find items up to 70% off, and up to 3% cash back on Ebates.


Udemy has 35% cashback on Ebates!!! They have courses for only $10 this Black Friday!


And that’s it for this post! Have you found any of the Black Friday Deals that I didn’t mention here? Leave me a comment below.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links!

Thank you for reading!

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