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  • What I Got for Christmas || Christmas Gifts

    Christmas presents

    Hello everyone! Pročitajte post na hrvatskom! Happy new year! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, that your resolutions are all written down and ready to conquer. I have to say, my goals for this year are much more achievable than how they used to be. I will write them all down and […]

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  • Beauty and Fashion Haul || DM, Beauty Bay, Silcare, Farmasi, Kiehl’s & more

    beauty and fashion haul

    Hello everyone! Pročitajte ovaj post na hrvatskom. You know how sometimes you have to move, so you have a billion things to do. I move approximately 4 times a year. And it’s never fun. But it means a bit more shopping than usual. I don’t do hauls very often, so this time, it’s a bigger […]

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  • Haul 2017 || Beauty, Tech, Fashion

    Haul 2017

    Hello everyone! I’ve been away for quite some time now. I haven’t had time to post, things happened, exams happened, my back hurts from sitting and studying so much, so I (again) have a valid reason for being away for so long. Just this week, I already had 3 exams, so don’t even get me […]

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  • Wedding Guest Outfit || OOTD

    Wedding guest outfit makeup

    Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while (again), but now I’m back and ready to write again! I know I haven’t been commenting on your blogs, I will take some time to do that tomorrow and the day after, and comment on as much of your posts I missed as possible. The vacation is […]

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  • @moomooi Collection by FeelUnique || REVIEW

    @moomooi by FeelUnique || RECENZIJA

    Hello everyone! So, girls love pretty things, right? Well, most of them do. So can you imagine the excitement when FeelUnique, a website I used to buy Urban Decay and The Balm cosmetics from, contacted me and asked me if I would like to receive some goodies for free and review them? P.S. FeelUnique have […]

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  • What I Got for My Birthday || HAUL

    Hello everyone! So, here I am with another haul, but this time it’s not things I bought, but things my friends and family bought for me. You know how bloggers always say that they don’t do these posts to brag… Well, I am bragging just a little bit, because my friends and family bought me […]

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  • OOTD & MOTD Birthday Edition || FASHION & MAKEUP


    Hello everyone! So, yesterday I had my first birthday party 😀 I say first, because that one was for family and family friends, and today is going to be the second one for my closest group of friends. Yesterday I decided to put some effort into my outfit and makeup (which is probably not going […]

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  • Tips and Tricks for a Worry-Free Prom

    Hello everyone! Most of you know that I’ve been writing for a certain company, and that they were kind of weird about it, saying I have to change my style of writing and paying me sooo miserably that I don’t even want to tell you how much I got per article 😀 Basically, I’m sick […]

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  • My Top 6 Designer Wedding Dresses Cocomelody

    Hello everyone! We all know that most girls dream about their wedding ever since they’re little. Well, it is a very special day, and looking at those beautiful brides, girls tend to think what they would look like, what they want on their wedding, how they want the venue to be, who will their guests […]

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  • My Shein.com Order || FASHION

    Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve switched to Disqus for comments, and, while I do love it, like really love it!, I hate how messed up those older comments are. I guess you can’t fix that, so just don’t look at them :DD So, today I made an impulse order on Shein.com. Well, […]