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  • Glitter Fall Nail Design

    Glitter fall nail design

    Hello everyone! If you remember, back in the day, I would post nail designs pretty often. It was something I did quite often, and enjoyed a lot. I haven’t been doing my nails for quite some time now. Since Fall is here, I decided it was time to make something appropriate.

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  • Halloween Nails and Makeup || TUTORIAL

    Halloween Nails and Makeup || TUTORIAL

    Hello everyone! Disclaimer: Apologies┬áto everyone who saw this post in its very raw form. I had a party to attend yesterday, and really wanted this post to go live, so I hurried, threw in a bunch of photos and posted it. I’ve decided to go back to it today, and make it a bit more […]

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  • My eBay Order + Saving Money on X-Mas Shopping

    Saving Money

    Hello everyone! Today I have my first X-mas post for you! I placed a bunch of orders over on eBay for my blog, my X-Mas DIYs and just for myself, so I wanted to share some of these with you. Also, I have some deals for you that you probably won’t be able to refuse. […]

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  • Sleek i-Divine Original Palette || REVIEW

    Sleek i-Divine Original Paleta || RECENZIJA

    Hello everyone! If you have been following me for a while now, you know I am a sucker for colorful eyeshadow. So, recently, Sleek Makeup came to one of Croatian drugstores, and I had to check it out. This is what I decided to buy (actually my boyfriend bought it for me), and I am […]

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  • My 2016 Goals Update || 3rd Quarterly Update

    My 2016 Goals Update || 3rd Quarterly Update

    Hello everyone! I am here with another goals update. I wrote about my goals in my What happened in 2015 and my 2016 goals post, and I already wrote my 1st quarterly update, and my 2nd quarterly update. Now, you’ll see for yourself, I wasn’t very productive for the past three months, but I think […]

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  • Selce-Zagreb-Zadar-Bribir || Our Croatian Vacation Part one

    Our Croatian Vacation Selce

    Hello everyone! If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know I was on a vacation. This year, my boyfriend and I decided to go all out and really enjoy ourselves, without holding back. We wanted to spend our days at the beach, eat some good food and rest from work and prepare for everything […]

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  • My 2016 Goals Update || 2nd Quarterly Update


    Hello everyone! I know this will sound totally cheezy, but boy is the time flying by? Can you believe it’s July already? I feel like a month ago I was getting ready to go to the New Year’s party… But it’s summertime, I’m about to go on my vacation in just a few days (you’ll […]

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  • My Shopping List #2

    My Shopping List #2

    Hello everyone! (Don’t forget to enter my Huge Celebration Giveaway here!) Not so long ago, I wrote my first shopping list post, and I actually thought it was kind of fun. So, I decided to do it again, since I have some gift cards to use, and really need help with picking out stuff to […]

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  • Tips and Tricks for a Worry-Free Prom

    Hello everyone! Most of you know that I’ve been writing for a certain company, and that they were kind of weird about it, saying I have to change my style of writing and paying me sooo miserably that I don’t even want to tell you how much I got per article ­čśÇ Basically, I’m sick […]

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  • Bright Spring Makeup Look & Benefit Big Easy Foundation || MOTD & REVIEW

    Hello everyone! Today I decided to talk about a fun makeup look I did yesterday for my night out. I thought it was really nice, fun, springy and bold at the same time. Here is what I used for this look: Face primer: Catrice Prime and Fine pore refining anti-shine base Foundation: Benefit Big Easy […]