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  • My eBay Order + Saving Money on X-Mas Shopping

    Saving Money

    Hello everyone! Today I have my first X-mas post for you! I placed a bunch of orders over on eBay for my blog, my X-Mas DIYs and just for myself, so I wanted to share some of these with you. Also, I have some deals for you that you probably won’t be able to refuse. […]

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  • Tips and Tricks for a Worry-Free Prom


    Hello everyone! Most of you know that I’ve been writing for a certain company, and that they were kind of weird about it, saying I have to change my style of writing and paying me sooo miserably that I don’t even want to tell you how much I got per article 😀 Basically, I’m sick […]

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  • 27 London Tips & Tricks from My Experience || Tube, Food, Markets, Shopping & More


    Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you a new post about London. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to tak about London anymore, but I do believe that being there made me realized what was important and what, well… not so much. I think I have some pretty cool tips to share, so […]

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  • DIY Cool Secret Storage Book Christmas Gift || #KellysDiyXmas no.2


    Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you my second Christmas DIY post and it is great for giving to your friends or family and a little joke, or simply because it’s cool to store things in books (I don’t know). It’s a book that’s been carved up, decorated a little bit and filled with things […]

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  • Cover your gray Review*


    Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a review of 2 Cover your gray products. So, as you probably know, I have received a few PR samples for the first time, and this was inside as well. Now I that it’s been a week since I got it, it’s time for a review. Now, I […]

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  • Pinterest Hacks- Tested!


    Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a Pinterest post, in fact, a post about beauty hacks I found on Pinterest. There are a lot of them, you can see many of them on my board Hacks, but I decided to pick a few, test them and tell you if they worked or not. I […]

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  • Pinterest hack for a broken nail- TESTED!


    Hello everyone! For the past I don’t know how many years, I’ve had this problem where my nails on thumbs would break on the sides and I had to cut them off or file them until they looked deformed. Whenever it happens, I don’t remember doing anything that would cause breakage, it seems to happen […]

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  • Pinterest hack for whiter nails! (& some extra tips)


     Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a very useful hack from Pinterest to whiten your nails. There are many factors that can make your nails seem a bit yellow or dark, but this hack is really going to help you! I know you can’t really see the difference, but that is only because of […]