Manhattan clearface compact powder vs. S-he cosmetics mineral compact powder

Hello everyone!
So, today I am bringing you a new post on two compact powders.
The left one is the Manhattan clearface compact powder, which I’ve been loving so much for the past few years and I think the one I bought recently is my sixth probably?
Anyways, the one on the right is the s-he cosmetics mineral compact powder and I have bought it a few weeks ago, and started to test it only a few days ago. So you will have a review and a first impression in one post! yaaay 🙂
So let’s get into this:
Manhattan clearface compact powder
So, since I’ve been using this for quite a while now, I’ve decided to talk about this one first.
I am in the shade 75 beige. It says that it fights spots, that it’s antibacterial and that it reduces shine. So, I haven’t actually noticed that it fights spots, because when my face decides to break out, it breaks out no matter what I put on it, haha.
But what I really like about this is that it has actually a really good coverage. Sometimes, on those lazy days.. no, just kidding, I wear foundation only like once a month.. but on everyday basis I use this powder. And I don’t even need any concealer to hide my spots, or breakouts or whatever I have on my face. I use this little applicator that comes with it, just apply it all over my face and, I’m not saying it’s the perfect coverage, but it evens out my skin, and makes it not so bad to look at.
So, moistruiser, this powder and I’m good to go!
Definitely love this product, and until I find a better one I will continue to buy it.
As far as the price is concerned, it used to be like 35 kunas or about $6, but now it’s gotten a bit more expensive so it’s around 50 kunas or $8 to $9.
The other powder, the one by S-he cosmetics I don’t like as much as I do the Manhattan one, but I think it’s quite a good product for the price. I have tried applying it with the spongy applicator, but it doesn’t feel very good. So I would usually apply it with a big brush over my BB-cream or my foundation, and I actually really like it that way. I feel like it’s really smooth and nice and soft. And it leaves a really nice finish to my skin.
Now, I took it in the shade 188/001 which I feel like is just a little bit too light for me, but I think that the darker one would be too dark, so I took this one anyways. But I think it’s perfect over foundation, and it doesn’t look too light that way.
But, the main reason I bought it was the price. So I had some of the Manhattan left in the old container (and I still do), and for Christmas I bought a new one, but when I got to the drugstore I saw this. Before it was 30 kunas which is like $5 or $5,50 but it was on 50% discount. So I got it for only 15 kunas! Around $2,50!!
I was like.. well how can I not buy this??
So I immediately decided that I would buy it just for the sake of this blog post. To test it and compare it to my all time favorite! 🙂

So I hope you liked my new post. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if you like them!
Also let me know if there’s any other powders or any products I should try out and talk about some more 🙂

Have a great day <3