My Hair Care Routine

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Today I’m bringing you a new post and introducing you to my hair care routine. It has changed quite a lot over the years, but I think I’m happy with it the way it is now. I may try out some new products in the future (I’m quite sure I will), but my hair seems happy.

So, let’s get started! Firstly, I would like to tell you something about my hair. My hair used to be very thick, but I have damaged it quite a bit over the years, so it’s become quite fine and dry. My natural hair color is dark brown, but I have colored it for the past year with  Palette Intensive Color Creme Permanent High-intensity Lightener in CV12 Rose Blond.


I try to avoid heat whenever I can. I don’t use any tools (straightner or curling iron), because my hair is very straight and I like the way it looks without those tools. Also, I avoid blow drying it whenever I can. During winter I will blow dry it because I catch a cold pretty easily when I have wet hair, but in spring and summer I try to avoid it. I color my hair every 5-7 weeks, it really depends on how fast my hair grows (and it has been growing pretty quickly lately). Also, I cut my hair every 3-5 months, and that depends on what season is it. I have to cut my hair after my beach vacation, because sun and salt water really damage my hair. Moreover, I try not to wash my hair too often. I usually wash it on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so about every three days, but if I feel that I need to wash it more regularly, I try not to wash it more than every two days. I wash it with shampoo two times, and then follow with conditioner.

1. L’Oreal Paris Elseve Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

The first two products I would like to talk about are my shampoo and conditioner. This is the first step in my routine (unless I use a bit of olive oil before washing my hair, but I don’t do that often). I used to use Head&Shoulders, but I realized how harsh, aggresive it was and it weighed my hair down, as well as dried it out. When I started using the L’Oreal combination, my hair was really shiny, moistruized and I loved how it looked. These products are for weak, limp, damaged hair, they contain pro-keratin and ceramide and the five things they do for your hair are: renewed fiber, resistance, vitality, silkiness and shine.
I think my hair has been less damaged since using these two products, and I will continue using them until I find something better.

2. Balea 1 minute hair mask with mango and aloe vera

(once again, I don’t have a picture of this product, but you can google it)

Every once in a while, I will use this hair mask. I don’t use this very often, maybe once a month, but I make sure I use it right after coloring my hair, to prevent and lessen any damage caused by coloring. This mask smells amazing, as well as does some amazing things for my hair. After using this, my hair feels really healthy, moistruized, shiny and bouncy. I feel like it doesn’t produce a lot of build up, because it doesn’t weigh my hair down. Usually, right after shampooing, I will use this mask instead of conditioner, rinse it off and continue with my hair care routine.

3. Nivea Color Crystalgloss Color
Intensiv Kur

On Saturdays, when I’m washing my hair, I use this mask instead of conditioner. I think it is good for my hair, but I feel like it is a bit too thick for my liking. When I want to rinse it off, it leaves a thin film of product on my skin, but it’s not that big of a problem. I probably won’t repurchase it after using it up. I didn’t really even want to talk about it in this routine, but it is a part of it, and I don’t hate it, so why not let you know.

4. Avon
Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum (for all hair types)

Right after getting out of the shower, I will dry my hair a little bit using a towel, and immediately put 3-4 pumps of this serum between my palms and apply it to my ends and bringing it up to about the middle of my hair lenghth. I wouldn’t really put it on my scalp, because it could make your hair greasy. I think this product is the best and the most efficient part of my routine. I know this because there was a period when I wasn’t using it for over 6 months, and my hair was terrible. My ends were dry and split. After I’ve cut my hair, I started using this again, and my hair is not as dry as it used to be and there are no split ends. I recommend this product to everyone, and I don’t think I will be changing this part of my routine any time soon.

5. Schwarzkopf
essence Ultime Mineral Strength Spray Conditioner i Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair
repair with liquid keratin complex (very damaged, dry hair)

This is one of the products that I put in my damp hair (besides my Avon dry ends serum). I don’t use this often, mostly in summer, but when I do, it smells amazing, and my hair feels really nice. It protects your hair not only from the sun, but also from every other factor that can dry your hair out.

Keratin is another product I use on damp hair, but the one thing I don’t like is its smell. It’s really pungent and very strong, but it works quite well for my hair. I feel like my hair is getting thicker from using it and that it is more healthy. I use this about once a month.

6. Pantene
Instant Damage Defense Conditioning Spray i Avon naturals Hair Care Detangling
Spray with apricot and shea butter

Pantene spray is a product I use on my dry hair. It makes my hair silky, soft and shiny, and it smells really nice. I use this product when I think my hair is a bit weak and limp, and it needs a little kick.

Avon spray I use just for the smell. This is used for detangling your hair, but since my hair is quite short it doesn’t really tangle a lot, so I really don’t need it. But it does have some really nice and healthy ingredients that help your hair, but it smells really nice and I use it mostly because of that.

that is it! My hair care routine. Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Do you
like them? If you think there is a product I have to try, let me know 🙂 This post will soon be live at for all of my Croatian readers, so it would mean the world to me if you checked it out!

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