Pinterest hack for whiter nails! (& some extra tips)

 Hello everyone!
Today I am bringing you a very useful hack from Pinterest to whiten your nails. There are many factors that can make your nails seem a bit yellow or dark, but this hack is really going to help you!

I know you can’t really see the difference, but that is only because of my camera. But I assure you that this will help you, and you will see the difference when you use it.
What you will need is peroxide, baking soda, a mixing bowl and a tooth brush (the one you’re not using to wash your teeth of course, haha). 
All you have to do is put some soda in the mixing bowl and gradually add peroxide, until you end up with a thick, but not dry paste. Then apply it generously to your nails with a tooth brush (both on top and under your nails if you have long nails). 
You will end up with something like this. Then, leave the paste on your nails for about 5 minutes (it may burn or sting a little, but don’t worry), and you’ll know you’re done when the paste gets dry around the edges and just wash it off and scrub a little bit more with your tooth brush. You will end up with amazing, glowing, white nails!
Another thing I do after this treatment is take Essence Studio Nails Pro White Hardner, which is basically a base coat that hardens your nails, but also makes them whiter. It has a bit of a blue shine to it, which makes your nails look even whiter.

Have you ever tried this? Do you like it? Did it work for you? I hope to hear your feedbacks, as well as some other tricks you use to get whiter nails!

Thank you for reading this post, and I will talk to you next week, with a bit more summer-like post! 

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