What’s in my beach bag?

Hello everyone!
Today I’m bringing you a post about my beach bag. I have
finally arrived to the seaside on Friday, and for me, summer at the seaside is
all about swimming, tanning, drinking cocktails and going out! But today we
will focus on the beach part and what I bring with me.
A cute beachy dress
I have this blue dress which is see-through, but ideal for
the beach and for wearing over your swim suit. It’s fun, colorful and very
beach appropriate.
Hair tie
When you are in salt water and in the sun a lot, your hair
becomes brittle. That is why I don’t really recommend using hair tie, because
it might damage your hair and break it, especially if you use it on wet hair.
That is why I try to avoid it, but when I’m all dried up, my hair starts getting
in my face, and it’s really annoying me. I use it on dry hair and try to tie it
as loose as possible.
They are useful for the sun blocking (Sherlock), but they
can be a really nice accessory. However, I never take my good ones to the
beach, because I’m too afraid I might scratch them. I buy cute ones in H&M
for really cheap, and then I don’t feel bad if they get damaged.
Dry swim suit
Even though it is really hot, if I have to leave the beach
fast, or I have to sit in the shade (the sun is quite harsh these days), I like
to have a dry swim suit to change and not worry about catching a cold.
A book
The only time I can actually sit back and enjoy a book is at
the sea side. So, I try to pick books which are fun and not too serious. That
is why I am reading Summer and the city
by Candace Bushnell at the moment. Which is the beginning of the Sex and the city series and in that book
you find out how Carrie Bradshaw came to New York. (No spoilers, read it!)
Money and some sort of entertainment
After you’ve come out of water and you’re all dried up, you
don’t really feel like reading, you may feel a bit bored. That is why I always
like to take some money with me to grab a cup of coffee, or some beer in a bar
nearby. I also like to take a deck of cards to play at the beach.
Sun protection
Ever since I was a little girl I remember my mom using this
Sundance sonnen spray from the DM drugstore, and I continued using it. My skin
doesn’t really burn easily, but I like to be protected anyways. This is UVA and
UVB filter 20.
Tanning accelerator
Although my skin doesn’t burn, I don’t tan easily either. I
used to spend two weeks at the seaside and barely get a bit of tan. So, this
cream by Eveline Cosmetics was something I had to try, considering it was only
about $4. I have been using it since Friday, and my tan is quite visible, which
is a huge improvement. It can be used for sunbathing and solarium for quicker,
deeper and longer-lasting tan. It contains beta carotene and shea butter, as
well as vitamins A, E and F. (For a more in depth review, please comment
Beach bag
Of course, I need something cute to put all these inside. My
beach bag is really old, and I have no idea where I got it from, but I think
it’s really cute and the perfect size. It’s not too small or too big. It is
pink with stripes and has wooden handles in a heart shape. 

What’s in your beach bag? What would you add in mine?

Thank you for reading this post and I will talk to you next week!

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Have a great week!
See you soon xx