Summer evening makeup look & a mini review

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry for not posting for a while. I’ve had difficulties regarding Internet connection, weather and taking my laptop with me. Yesterday I came home from my vacation of 16 days, which was amazing, and I’m feeling a bit sad. But now I can finally start doing all the things I wanted to do during summer, including DIYs, posting here and on my Croatian blog, reading (which I’ve done a bit at the beach as well), planning our trip to London (which is finally about to become reality) or whatever I want, because I have all the time in the world (and as usual, I will end up doing nothing but sleeping and going out, but let the girl have her dreams).

Anyway, today I’m bringing a 2in1 post with a nice and simple summer make up look as well as a mini review of a mascara in comparison to my favorite one. I usually don’t wear a lot of make up (or I don’t wear it at all) when I’m on my vacation, but I’ve put some effort just for you! 🙂 So let’s get started! This is what I used to achieve this make up look:

First, I applied my Garnier BB Cream in Light/clair all over my face and buffed it down my neck a little (all using my fingers). I took my Avon concealer in Fair and applied it under my eyes and on my T-zone, as well as on some blemishes I had that day. Then I took my Manhattan Compact powder in 75 beige and with the little applicator that came with it, I applied it all over my face and down my neck.
Then I took my Makeup Revolution Focus&Fix Eye primer and applied it on my eyelids to prep them for eyeshadow. With my Makeup Revolution bronzer in Medium Matte, I sculpted my face a bit, by applying it to my cheeks, temples and forehead.

For my eyes I used my Makeup Revolution Redemption palette essential mattes. For the whole lid I combined 3rd and 4th color, I used 5th color for my crease and 6th to smoke out my eyes a little. The first color (the lightest one) I used on my browbone and on the inner corners of my eyes. Then I took Beauties Factory’s Single Color Eyeshadow in 424, which is a ice orange color, and applied it in my crease and on my lower lashline.
Then I took my Alverde eyeliner in 01 Schwarz and applied it to my upper lashline, and my Essence kajal pencil in 04 white and applied that to my lower waterline.

On my left eye I used my usual mascara Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ express Smoky Eyes and on my right eye I used L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D False lash effect in 4 dimensions Waterproof. You can see on the picture above the result. On the left you can see L’Oreal, which made my lashes quite long, but there is not really a lot of volume. And on the right there is Maybelline, which gave me volume as well as length (just not as dramatic as the left one).

Since I do have quite long lashes naturally, I still like the Maybelline mascara more, because I’m looking for volume, not length. Also, since L’Oreal is a waterproof formula, I expected a more stubborn mascara, but I took it off almost as easy as the Maybelline one, which is not waterproof. There was no smudging with either of them, and overall, I would recommend it if you’re looking for some more length.

I completed my look by adding some blush to my cheeks (I used Essence silky touch blush in 10 adorable), as well as some highlighter (Essence soo glow! cream to powder highlighter in 10 look on the bright side) and by applying some Brave by MAC (satin finish) to my lips.

And that is my completed look. Do you like it? What is your go-to evening summer make up look?

Thank you for reading this post and I will talk to you next week!

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