Eveline Cosmetics Tanning Accelerator || REVIEW

Hello everyone!

I know that summer is almost gone, and I miss it already, but I still wanted to share a product with you. You can buy it now, or wait until next summer, but I hope you will be just as amazed as I was.

First, let me give you a quick overview of my skin and how it usually behaves. My skin is pale and on the dry side. So being in the sun for too long does me (and everybody else) more harm than good. However, I don’t burn that easily. If I’m really reckless and spend way too long in the sun, my skin will become red-ish, but nothing too scary, and it goes away the next morning. Even though I don’t burn that easily, I can’t get a tan either. I have always wanted to come from my vacation nice and tanned, but that wish never really came true. I would get a tan line now and then, but it would be barely visible and I would be thrilled that it’s even there. Until this summer!

Before I went on this year’s vacation, I really started to look for something that would help me look at least a bit more tanned. I saw tanning oils, self-tanners, tanning balms, jams, but nothing really looked like it was going to work, and it was way too expensive for experimenting. And then I found this Tanning accelerator by Eveline Cosmetics (I thought I wasn’t going to write about it because of my overseas audience, but I’ve found on their web page that they sell Eveline Cosmetics worldwide!). It was somewhere between $4 and $5, but in Croatia, from drugstore to drugstore, the price varies from $3.5 to $5.5.

Now, let’s turn to the label itself. It says it is an Eveline Cosmetics SunCare Tanning Accelerator for sun-bathing and solarium. Quicker, deeper and longer-lasting tan with beta-carotene and shea butter. It says it helps with absorbing light, protects and moistruizes your skin. The ingredients help enhancing melanin production in the skin, making the tan develop faster. It also contains vitamins A, E and F.

The product, once you squeeze it onto your skin is a light yellow color, it’s really easy to blend and it absorbs really quickly, and once it does absorb, it smells really nice! I would like to recommend you to put it on at least 20 minutes before heading to the beach, because it tends to melt off your body if you expose it to the sun too quickly, and if you go for a swim too soon, it becomes really slippery and greasy in the water (even though it may seem like it has absorbed entirely). So, be patient and let it sink in 🙂 But the cream itself is amazing. Not only does it help with tanning, but it also makes skin feel really nice, soft and hydrated! I enjoyed that feeling every time I put this product on me 🙂 and I’m sure you’re going to, as well. After it was completely absorbed, I put on suns cream if it was still really sunny (the product doesn’t have any sun protection), or if it was late afternoon I didn’t have to use any protection.

I am not going to share my tan lines, haha, I don’t think that would be appropriate. But I am really happy with the results! I have tanned like never before, especially my legs (my legs never tanned at all, and this is actually a huge improvement for me), and my arms, shoulders and upper back were extremely tanned when I just got back from my vacation. So, I really just wanted to recommend this to you, so you can stack up and be prepared for the next summer (or, if you’re still on your vacation, or going to go to a solarium, you can start using it right away!). I’m not sure, but maybe now that summer is coming to an end, there might be a sale on all those summer-y products, and you can buy it for even cheaper (even though it is cheap to begin with).

I am also going to say that I have bought a similar product before, for around $20 or $25, and it did nothing (I’m sorry, I don’t have it anymore and I can’t remember what it was called). So I really don’t think you should judge products by what they cost 😉

Do you have any tanning tips? Products? Anything?

Thank you for reading this post and I will talk to you next week!

Have a great week!
See you soon xx