Fall Nail Design & A Few Tips

Hello everyone!

First, I’d like to update you a little bit, and tell you about this week’s post. I got a job (yaay!), but I’m afraid it’s going to affect my blog. Yes, I am going to start posting two posts a week, that’s not going to change, but my job is at McDonald’s, which means no more nails- lenght or polish-wise. So, I knew that I had to do something really nice for this post, because I may not be able to do another design post in a while, at least not on longer nails.

So, I knew I wanted to do a fall design, and I did have a design in my head, but when I finished it, I really hated it, so I removed all of it and started looking for inspiration on Pinterest. And so I came up with the design I am about to show you, which I really like, and I hope you will to. There are a few tips in there as well! Let’s get started!

Here is everything I used:

Tools: A flat brush for gel, a precise nail art brush, a fan brush
Base: Essence studio nails pro white hardener
Brown: Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in 39 Spicy
Orange: Essence colour&go in 186 polka holga + Nail star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush
Yellow: Nail star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush
Glitter orange: I don’t have a name or color- I bought it on eBay
Glitter red: Nail star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush
Glitter gold: Nail star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush
Top coat: Essence colour&go in 101 absolute pure

Step one:

As always, step one is removing previous polish, pushing cuticles, filing nails and applying base coat.

Step two:

For step two, I applied brown polish to all of my nails except for the ones on my ring fingers, where I applied the combination for orange color I mentioned above with a flat brush. This is a tip I like to use whenever I have to mix colors when I don’t have the one I need in the bottle. I mix them up on a piece of paper and apply the color with a flat brush. It works great!
Another tip! When you want a glitter nail (or more than one, obviously), apply the same or a similar color of nail polish underneath. That way, if the glitter chips off, the color will stay, and it won’t seem chipped, like it would if you only had clear polish under.

Step three:

On my thumb I drew 2 leaves with the same orange I used on my ring finger, using a small nail art brush. It wasn’t very visible because the brown underneath is quite dark, so I had to apply several layers, but it worked at the end. Over the orange, I put a bit of yellow, just to make it stand out more, and after doing it, I felt like it was a bit empty, so I put two little dots on each side using the same brush.

Step four:

After that I took my red glitter polish, and using the brush on all the fingers except for my thumb and ring finger, I started by drawing a thin line on the very tip of each nail. After that I drew 5 vertical lines, starting from the line I drew on the tip, toward the middle of the nail- the middle one being the longest, and the ones on the sides the shortest.

Step five:

I applied a gold glitter polish lines in between each of the red line (also longest in the middle).

Step six and seven:

Then I applied my top coat on my ring finger, and immediately dipped it in the orange glitter powder, tapped it of and let it dry. After it dried, I took a fan brush and cleaned all the extra glitter that was around and on my nail.

I finished off my design by applying two coats of top coat on each nail. Glitter nails usually require a lot of top coat, so that it’s not coarse (which causes chipping if you get stuck in fabric or something similar), so apply multiple layers, just make sure you wait for each one to dry completely.

And that is it for my fall nail design! Did you like it? Would you make it yourself? If you do, please send me a picture, I’d be really happy to see your ideas!

Thank you for reading!
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Have a great week!
See you soon xx