My makeup collection: Eyeshadow palettes

Hello everyone!

Today I’m bringing you my new series- My makeup collection. I am not going to post everything at once, or even each post each week, but when I feel like posting and sorting everything, I will post another part of the series 🙂 The first part will be my eyeshadow palettes.

I don’t do makeup professionally, so I don’t have a lot of makeup. But, for someone who’s beggining in their blogging career, and is only doing makeup for themself, I actually think I have more than enough. I think that eyeshadow can really step up one’s game in terms of makeup and looking good, you just have to know how to use eyeshadows, and you can find tutorials all over the Internet, so that is no longer a problem.

I am going to write about each palette, and they are no going to be in any particular order. So let’s get started!

1. St Michael Classics Eyeshadow Collection

This palette is so old! I’m not sure if that company even exists anymore. Comment below if you know more! I know it’s probably not even sanitary to use this any more, but this was for the longest time the only palette with actual colors. Ever since I’ve started wearing makeup, I loved colors on my eyes, so this was something I used to experiment. It contains 24 eyeshadows and it used to have 2 double ended applicators, but they are long gone. Anyways, I don’t use this very often anymore, except for colors I don’t have anywhere else, like the teal or mint one, but I still keep it just in case, haha 🙂

2. L’Oreal Paris Color Harmony Tailor-Made Palette

My mom got me this palette a few years ago in a duty-free shop and this was actually my first more serious and more expensive palette- I think it’s still the most expensive one I own, haha. It contains 5 color appeal eyeshadows, 4 color riche lipsticks and 1 true match blush. I love this palette! The blush, as you can see, I’ve used one or two times, as well as the two more neutral lipsticks, but eyeshadows not so much, and I actually really like them! My problem with eyeshadows is that I like to have them all in one place, like a bigger palette, and not have to use multiple palettes, or even worse(!) single eyeshadows 😀 But I think these are amazing colors, especially for fall which is almost here, so I am definitely going to start using them! They are nice and shimmery olive, bronze, gold, pink and champagne! I will make sure do post a look using this palette somewhere on my social media.

3. Jasmine La Belle Cosmetics

For the longest time, this was the only palette I used, and the first year since I got it, I didn’t realize it even had the down part with the lippies 😀 That is how big it is. It has 66 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 16 lipsticks and 15 glosses (I think :D). Even though this palette had 66 eyeshadows, it was mostly neutral. It has some lilacs, blues and greens, but those lighter shades are not really pigmented, so I used the same few shadows over and over, and really missed colors. I still reach for this palette from time to time, but not as much, even though it is a really nice palette, especially for beginners, since it has a lot inside, including eyeshadow, blush and lip brushes.

4. Essence How to make bright eyes make-up box

This palette is another one I don’t reach for as much because it’s small, but it does have some pretty colors.

Light ones are a bit similar to me, but I really like them, as well as the red and taupe one in the top row. This palette also comes with a brush, which is actually quite nice! It does have a sponge applicator on one side, but it has bristles on the other, which is kind of cool for a cheap company like Essence. The palette also comes with instructions of how to do a look using these eyeshadows. This is another palette I really have to use more!

5. Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Essential Mattes

When I bought this palette, I used nothing but this. I was in love with the concept of matte eyeshadow, because I’ve never owned anything like that. At first I used only the brown and neutral tones, and did every look with them, but later on I started using the last two and creating the pink/purple smokey eyes, which I really enjoyed. I still reach for this palette a lot, and I think I will continue using it!

6. Eyes Lips Face 100 eyeshadow palette

This is my most recent purchase and my favourite palette. I bought this for £4.5, which is around $7, which is amazing! For 100 eyeshadows? Yes, please! You don’t get a lot of each individual eyeshadow, but they are quite pigmented, so it does last. I’ve had it for quite some time now, and haven’t hit pan on any of them. Of course, there are shades that look the same, are not very pigmented or are kind of useless, but there are some amazing ones, and I think that it’s really worth it. I’m just really sad that the oranges don’t really have a lot of pigment to them, but that’s okay. If you can get your hands on this palette, I highly recommend that you do! If you want to see a review with swatches I did at the end of April click here!

Do you know any cool and cheap palettes I should try? Do you own any of the ones I’ve mentioned? 

Thank you for reading!
Have a great week!
See you soon xx