Eveline Hand and Nail Cream-Mask Review

Hello everyone!

My last post was about my Fall must-haves and just for the sake of the post, I needed to buy a new hand cream. I wasn’t really happy with my old one (Balea hand cream that contained urea), because it was really greasy and it didn’t absorb for way too long. So I went to a local store only to buy something to include in my article and try something new.

That’s when I found the Eveline Cosmetics hand cream. The packaging says Eveline Cosmetics Glicerini bio goat’s milk + vitamin E karite butter glycerine super-concentrated hand and nail cream-mask 5in1. To be honest, I bought it because it was very cheap- approximately $2, compared to the other ones, which were $4-6. Not that they were expensive, but this one was cheap, and I’ve had pretty good experience with Eveline Cosmetics lately (especially with their Tanning Accelerator). So I went for the cheapest option, but in my defense- it looked better than any other on the shelf. This packaging screamed luxurious to me (I’m a sucker for that). White with gold, with all those cool words including goat’s milk, hand cream & MASK, 5in1… how could I not buy it, right?

So, I took it, went home, took a photo of it (shallow, don’t judge, it was on the day my post was supposed to be up, so I didn’t have time to change my mind), and while I was editing my photos, I decided to test it out (finally). So I opened it, and it was sealed with a little piece of foil. When I opened it and squeezed it on my hand, I thought I’d hate it, because it looked quite greasy.

It says 5in1 on the packaging: intensely moisturizes, deeply nourishes, regenerates, lightens pigmentations and strenghtens nails. I do agree with most of it (I’ve had the chance to test it for a while now), but I can’t really say anything about pigmentations, because I don’t really have any. But it works amazing. It is supposed to be a 48h perfectly absorbing formula. I agree with the perfectly absorbing part, but I can’t say the same for the 48h part. I don’t know how that would even be possible. But I don’t mind really, it does kind of look cool on the packaging, haha.

However, after I’ve started to rub it in my skin, it absorbed in no time and my hands were soft, smooth and it felt amazing. And then I smelled it. It’s not perfume, just that simple clean smell of creams, which I like more than some sweet smelling creams that make you cringe when you try to eat, drink or do anything with your hands close to your nose. I am not sure if any of you feel the same way, but that’s how it is for me. I wish you could touch my hands right now and see for your self what it does. But, since you can’t, if you have Eveline Cosmetics anywhere near you, go and get it (it’s not like it’s expensive, so you don’t have an excure) and see for yourself! And make sure you let me know what you think about that product when you do ­čÖé

Have you tried this product before? Did you like it? Would you ever try it if you haven’t? What would you like me to review next?

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