Last Minute Quick&Easy Halloween Nail Art

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you a nail design. I know I said I wasn’t going to do nail art for some time, but I had to do something for Halloween. This can be done on long or short nails, it’s really easy and really quick. So, if the party is really close, and you have bare nails, grab the following things and get started:

What I used:

Base coat: Essence studio nails pro white hardener
Black polish: Essence I <3 Trends in 20 turn on the black
Red polish: Essence color&go in 115 redvolution
White polish: Manhattan pro french tip whitener in 11A
Matte top coat: Avon nailwear pro+ top coat in P617
Normal top coat: Essence color&go in 101 absolute pure

Step one:

As always, step one is prepping nails, which includes removing old nail polish, filing nails and applying base coat. This is very important, especially when you’re going to be applying dark nail polish on top, like I will today.

Step two:

I have applied 2 coats of black nail polish on all of my nails.

Step three:

I took a makeup sponge and red nail polish and started applying red polish with a sponge on upper two thirds of all of my nails except for thumbs and ring fingers. After the first coat of red, I applied the next coat a bit higher and kept moving up so I had kind of an ombre effect. And since you can’t really be precise, it’s going to be a bit messy, but don’t worry. Also, I was worried because little pieces of sponge were staying on my nails, and I tried to remove them, but it didn’t work. Then I realized it looks even better that way, so don’t worry!

Step four:

Then I took a q-tip, soaked it in nail polish remover and cleaned around the nails. You don’t have to be totally precise, it is Halloween, so it doesn’t have to be too neat. Plus, it symbolizes blood, and blood is never neat. After cleaning, I applied a matte top coat on all of my nails and then I took white nail polish and a dotting tool and drew 3 pairs of eyes on my thumb and ring finger.

Step five:

On each eye I drew, I put a little black dot, kind of randomly, so that eyes look like they are looking in different directions.
I finished the design by applying normal top coat (also kind of messy) on every eye, so that the eyes are the only shiny things on my nails.

And that’s it! Is that easy or what? With drying, it can be done in under 20 minutes, or even faster if you’re skilled with both hands, which I’m not.

Do you like it? What are you going as?

I wish you all the best time tonight and happy Halloween! Be safe and enjoy!

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx