Monthly Blog Stats

Hello everyone!

I am thinking of doing this type of a post every month, so let me know if you like it. I am tracking my pageviews every month now, but I am thinking about tracking everything else as well, especially number of followers on social media and tell you everything at the end of the month, and maybe some things I did, changed to do that.

So, this month I did something big (for me), and that was publishing my blog on my private Facebook account. Not many people knew I was writing a blog, so that was kind of a big step for me. And it showed in my pageviews. I had more than 300 views in one day, which is about 3 times more than ever before in just one day.

You know I had 900 last month, and my goal for this month was 1500, and I promised a giveaway when I reach 1800. Well, guess what? Yesterday was the day to write down my number of pageviews and it was 1921! So I would like to thank everyone that is reading my posts and everyone that supported me. It really means so much to me. And yes, I will do a giveaway soon. I will start buying products for the giveaway asap!

Something else (really huge) happened this month for my blog. I received my first package of PR samples. I don’t remember ever being as excited as I was when I got it. It was a package of Essence products, and you can see what I got on my Instagram profile. I will test all of the products and review some.

Next, my followers. So I will link every social media I use, and tell you my number of followers.

1. Instagram
I am following 486, 122 people follow me and I have 120 posts.

2. Pinterest
I am following 575, 277 people follow me, I’ve pinned 5.5k pins, liked 26 pins and I have 52 boards.

3. Twitter
I am following 1830, 683 follow me and I have 223 tweets.

4. Bloglovin
I am following 314 and have 84 followers.

5. Google+
I am following 642 and 114 have me in their circles.

That’s it. Thank you once again to everyone who is following me. I really appreciate it!

This is a bonus post, which means that I will post another one later today or tomorrow.

Do you like this kind of post? Do you want me to do this every month? Where do you follow me? ­čÖé

Thank you for reading my post!

See you soon xx