My Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you my first fashion post. I don’t really do fashion posts on my blog, but since the blog name IS Fashion Jabber, I thought I’d give it a try. I am not a huge jewelry wearer, but when I find pieces I love, I like to incorporate them in my style. I used to wear earings a lot, but for some reason I’ve stopped and now I am bringing you some of my favorite bracelets, necklaces and a ring. I hope you’ll enjoy!

1. Floral necklace

If I wear jewelry, it is almost exclusively a necklace, and this is the one I go for in most cases. I got it sometime in the spring, and have been wearing it ever since. It has some really nice colors that are easy to style, it’s very delicate, but it still is a statement necklace, which I love. The actual chain on the necklace is a bit worn off, but that doesn’t keep me from wearing it. It does sometimes itch when I wear it on bare skin, so I like to wear it with some of my shirts and dresses and jumpers that have a higher neckline and are a solid color.

2. Black floral necklace

This is one of the nicer pieces I own and I like to wear it with more formal outfits. I think it’s very sophisticated and not too much in your face, but gives a nice touch to an outfit. It is actually made of 5 textured metal circles, that are kind of lacey with flowers, and in the middle of flowers there are rhinestones. I think it’s really nice and delicate, and I love wearing it.

3. Fake pearls necklace

I got this necklace sometime in elementary school (pretty early in elementary school, actually) for my birthday and I honestly thought it was the ugliest thing ever. It looked old-fashioned to me, something a grandma would wear and something that is definitely not for someone as young as I was. However, lately, I’ve been really loving this piece. I love how high it is on the neckline, I think it’s very dainty, and it can really dress up any outfit. So, I promised myself to put it somewhere I’d see it and grab it more often.

4. Avon watch

I have already talked about this watch in My September Favorites. I have bought this watch while working for Avon, and I really love this. Maybe it is because I’ve earned it myself, but I think it looks amazing, it has very nice colors and it’s not hard to style it. I do love the color, though. It’s become my favorite color lately, and even though the summer is over, I am still wearing it and don’t really care about it. It also has some gold details in the actual watch, and I’m not really a gold wearer, but I think that here it actually works. I’m not sure if watch actually is a piece of jewelry, but to me it is (I never actually look at the time on my wrist, but I wear it as an accessory).

5. Teal summer bracelet

I got this bracelet on my first summer vacation with my boyfriend, so it has a special place in my heart, haha! It’s teal again (or turquoise, I’m not sure), so you can see I love the color, and I love this type of a stone. It is very sea-like, because not only does it have stones, but also little metal pendants that have seashells engraved and I think it’s really cute. I don’t really wear this now that it’s autumn, but I am sure I will continue in the spring, or summer.

6. Colorful bangles

So, at one point in my life (2 years, actually), I started going to Zumba classes and I loved it. Then we had a presentation and were told to dress Zumba-appropriate. So, I started Googling what that meant and fell in love. Baggy clothes, vibrant colors, a lot of colorful jewelry. I’d walk like that everyday if it was appropriate (I could, I know, but I don’t feel like being a clown every single day). So, to this day, I still sometimes reach for my Zumba bangles. And no, I don’t wear them all at once. I usually try to incorporate them into my outfit and see which colors match.

7. Teal cocktail ring

Yes, again the same color and the same stone. Rings have also been my thing a while back, I would always wear them and I usually went for the silver ones, but not lately. I just don’t like to wear them, or maybe I do, but I never remember to put them on. But this one somehow always manages to make the whole outfit more put together. I don’t wear it often, only when I feel I need a little something to lift everything up and it does a great job. Definitely my favorite ring.

And that is it for my favorite pieces of jewelry! What are yours? Which one of mine did you like the most? Would you like to see more fashion posts in the future? 

Thank you for reading!
Have a great week!
See you soon xx