My Product Empties || #2

Hello everyone!

I am bringing you a new post- my product empties. You’ll see a lot of hair care and body care, but no makeup. The reason is simple- I don’t use that much makeup, so I don’t use it up as quickly. But, I promise you that in my next empties post, there will be makeup (I’ve hit pan in a few products recently). So, let’s get started!

1. Nivea pure&natural moisturizing day care and regenerating night cream

I have talked about these products already in my Skincare routine post, and I decided to save them for the future Product Empties (which is here now). I’ve used these products for quite some time, and I fairly enjoyed them, but after I found a better moisturizer by Green Line, I decided it was time to let those go. However, I did really enjoy them, and I really would recommed using them for a non problematic, a bit dry maybe skintype. It is supposed to be 95% of natural origin and contain camomile and aloe vera. A great product!

2. L’Oreal Paris Elseve Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

This combination of products works great for my hair. I’ve already talked about about these products, as well in my Hair Care Routine post. These products contain pro-keratin and ceramide and help renew fiber, give hair resistance, vitality silkiness and shine and are for weak, limp and damaged hair. I think they really do all of the above, and I have not tried any other product except for these. The only thing I did change is I bought the extreme version of these products for my college apartment. I will let you know how that one works. But I really enjoy using these products, and I don’t think I will stop using them.

3. Syoss professional performance Permanent coloration in 5-8 Hazelnut Brown

You probably know that I was blonde for a few years now. However, my hair got really damaged and I decided to go back to my natural hair color so that I wouldn’t have to dye my hair so often any more and damage it even more. I was trying to pick out something really close to my natural color, but I wanted a bit more shine and something to make my hair look amazing. That is why I went for a hazel color and expected it to be brown with a hint of red. However, that didn’t really work out, haha. My hair color was more gray than anything else, but after a few washes I could finally live with it. I couldn’t even walk past a mirror when I first did it, without scaring the c out of me, haha. But I got used to it. I don’t think I’d buy the same color again because it’s not what I expected, but it actually does look really nice.

4. Balea professional More blond spray (I can’t read the rest of the packaging, because it’s in German)

Speaking of dyeing my hair and being blonde, when I decided I couldn’t keep dyeing my roots so often, I bought this products. It is supposed to work combined with heat and lighten your naturally dark hair. You are supposed to spray it on your damp, washed hair, comb through the hair and using the blow dryer, dry your hair. It’s maximum effect is supposed to be visible after ten uses. Now, to be honest, this is not an empty product, but a product I regret buying. It never did anything for me, and I gave him one chance too many. Also, it clogged my pores, folicles and whatever we have on our heads. My head was itchy and I could actually feel all the residue in my hair, my roots were sticky and I actually hated it. I would never use it again, and even if it did do something about lightening my hair, the feeling of dirty hair and head is just not worth it.

5. Head&Shoulders classic clean

This is another not empty product. This is something I used for ages before I discovered L’Oreal I mentioned above. And even though I used this for ages, I didn’t realize how harsh this was for my hair. It kept on stripping it from all of the natural oils, it made my hair dry and not me, nor my hair were happy. When I stopped using this, and turned to my L’Oreal Total Repair 5, my hair was so refreshed, bouncy, shiny and healthy. So, even though you may think something works for you, try to change it up a bit. Take it from me!

6. Nivea free time creamy shower gel

This was nice. It really is creamy, smooth and smelled really nice. It has a scent of carambola fruit and contains aloe milk. I really have nothing bad to say about this product and I might buy it again sometime. However, at the moment I have a new favorite I’m going to talk about soon.

7. Nivea frangipani & oil shower gel

Another nivea shower gel with caring oil pearls and fresh scent of frangipani. I don’t really know what frangipani is, but it smelled okay. Even though I’ve had much nicer scents in the bath than this one. Also, it has tiny particles in it, which are the oil pearls, I guess, but I didn’t really see them do anything. This was an okay shower gel, I’ve had better as well as worse, but I don’t think I’d buy it again because of those products that were better.

8. Nivea In-Shower Body Milk

Do you remember when this products was RAVED about? Well, I do. And I was a part of the rave. Just the idea of something like that excited me. Getting into the shower, washing yourself and applying body lotion while you’re still in the shower and rinsing it off. Amazing right? Yup, but I did become too lazy even for that. Is that even possible? Why, yes it is. I hate turning the shower off while I’m in there, because I hate being cold under the shower. And applying this to your entire body with the shower running is not really possible. So, even though I think this products is amazing and pretty revolutionary, I don’t use this enough. I already have another one in my shower, but don’t expect it in my empties post anytime soon. The one I emptied so far is for dry skin and contains shea butter.

9. Nivea anti-perspirant stress protect

I have a terrible stuggle finding the perfect deodorant. It either smells really bad to me or I still sweat like a pig while wearing it. So this is one of the tolerable options, even though I don’t LOVE it. Please tell me your favorites, because I’m getting desperate. When I thought I had found the perfect one (Rexona Diamond, the purple one), I was over the moon, and then very soon after, they stopped making it, or they stopped selling it in Croatia, I’m not really sure. And now, nothing works anymore. So this one actually is pretty exciting, because it works (to some extent).

And those were my empties. Did you enjoy this post? Have you ever used any of these? And could you recommend me your favorite deodorants?

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