Pinterest Hacks- Tested!

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you a Pinterest post, in fact, a post about beauty hacks I found on Pinterest. There are a lot of them, you can see many of them on my board Hacks, but I decided to pick a few, test them and tell you if they worked or not. I will rate how well the hack works and whether it was useful or not. So let’s get started!

1. Shampoo first, condition second

This hack is supposed to make your hair bouncier and not weighed down by the greasiness of your conditioner. Well, as much as I agree, I don’t really like this hack/trick. I tried this more than once, and my hair felt kind of dry, tangled and weird. Do you know that feeling after using the shampoo, where your hair feels squeaky clean, but kind of dry at the same time? I know that it’s really good for my hair, but I am not going to do this more than once a month. Why once a month? Because of the product build up. I do feel that my hair is cleaner when using this trick.

Did it work? Yes, and I will give it 4/5
Is it useful? Yes, again 4/5 because I won’t do it as often

2. Using white base for eyeshadow and nail polish

This trick is for making color on your eyes or nails pop.
This is the trick I actually used before I saw it on Pinterest, and I really like it. Whenever I want to play with some more vibrant colors (on either my nails or eyes), I put a white base before doing anything else.

For nails, I like to put the white nail polish under a color I need to be more vibrant, and you can use any kind, it’s not really important which one you use, as long as it’s white. And you can use it in one layer only, it’s there just to give the color you’ll apply later a bit of a kick. On the picture below you can see orange polish with the base on on the left, and without the base on the right.

For the eyes, I use a white pencil. This acts as a base and as a color enhancer. Just like with nail polish, it is not important which pencil you use, as long as it’s white and not too translucent. I like to apply it straight to my lid, and then using my finger, blend the edges only, so that there is not a straight line. Make sure you don’t blend the whole thing, because it will not work as well as it does unblended. It works great! You can see on the picture below that without the white base, the blue eyeshadow looks kind of green because of my skin tone, and the white pencil cancels it out, and because it is a bit sticky, the color stays on better, too. On the picture below, you can see blue eyeshadow without the base on the left, and with the base on the right.

Did it work? Yes, and I will give it 5/5
Is it useful? Yes, again 5/5 because I actually use this trick and I think you should try it, too

3. Frosted powder on lips

This looked cool to me, because it gave the lips on the picture kind of a 3D effect, so I wanted to try this myself. I applied my Wet’n’Wild lipstick in Smokin’ Hot Pink, and then using my L’Oreal Paris color harmony palette I combined the frosty pink and yellow and put it in the center of my lips. First, I noticed that it didn’t really stay on the lips, so I had to repeat the step a few times, but I achieved the look I was going for. It didn’t really look like on the picture (I wasn’t really doing my best to be honest), but it looked okay. However, my problem with this hack is that you can’t really do anything with this on. You can’t drink, eat, kiss, or even move or lick your lips at all, and it gets annoying. It fades and you’re left with the lipstick you began with. So, even though this trick is cool, I suggest you don’t expect it to stay all night long. However, it’s cool for taking pictures.

Did it work? Yes, it worked after a few tries, so I’ll give it 3/5
Is it useful? Not really, haha. But it does look cool. I’ll give it 2/5

4. Pencil liner smokey

This trick also looked really cool to me, and I really wanted to try it. So you’re supposed to draw something like a hashtag on the outer part of your lid, blend it and have the perfect smoky eye in minutes. Too good to be true? Yup! I didn’t even take a picture of the blended thing, because it was a hot mess. Firstly, the pencil I was using was a bit too dry for that, so I ended up scratching my eye and it turned a bit red (great, right? haha). I even tried doing it using the next trick in this post, but it didn’t work for me. Secondly, after I finally managed to draw the hashtag, it looked nothing like in the picture, it actually looked ridiculous. And finally, when I tried to blend it out, the pencil was so light that it just looked muddy and I looked kind of ill. So, no, I’d say that this trick doesn’t work and I’d not count on it working and you being out the door in minutes looking fabulous if I were you. (But do let me know if you succeed.)

Did it work? No, and I think it’s a well deserved 1/5
Is it useful? Nope… 1/5

5. Turning pencil liner into gel liner

This was actually the coolest one, I think. Something I didn’t know before, and that really surprised me. What you’re supposed to do is take your (I suggest old for the first try) pencil liner, hold it in a flame for one second, let it cool for 15 seconds, and you’ll have a gel liner. Why do I like this trick? Well, firstly because it makes one pencil liner a versatile product. I used a brown one and from a pale, thin line, it became a very nice dark brown and a lot thicker. Secondly, I usually use my black liquid liner, and I don’t own any other colors of liquid liner, but I have a few pencil liners in different colors, so if I wanted to experiment with them, I can (without scratching my eye and trying to make it visible, haha).

Did it work? Yes, and I will give it 5/5
Is it useful? Yes,  5/5 because I will use it from now on 🙂

And that is it for my Pinterest hacks post! Did you like it? Have you tried any of these? Would you like me to test a hack for you? Let me know 🙂

Have a great week!
See you soon! xx