Cover your gray Review*

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you a review of 2 Cover your gray products. So, as you probably know, I have received a few PR samples for the first time, and this was inside as well. Now I that it’s been a week since I got it, it’s time for a review. Now, I guess you’re thinking… you’re 22 and already have grays? Of course I don’t. That is why I gave it to my mom (or actually I did it for her) and she was the one to test it out. I applied it and she had it on for 2 and a half days before washing out, and she gave me her opinion on it. So thanks, mom ­čÖé Now let’s start with the review!

1. Cover your gray 2-in-1 applicator

This product has two sides. One is like a mascara wand and the other is a lot like a lipgloss brush that you get in most lipglosses. I got it in medium brown, but I don’t think it says on the packaging what other colors are available (I guess it’s like the second product mentioned- medium brown, dark brown and black). So, you’re supposed to use the “brush tip” or the mascara wand part for gray hair and the “precision tip” or lipgloss part for roots. The product on both ends is the same. For both it’s supposed to be applied in short strokes, brushed out and then you should allow it to dry. I immediately thought it was too wet for the hair, but it actually worked quite nicely. Now, my mom has quite short hair, and she actually missed a spot around her ear while dyeing her hair, so I tested it there, and I tested all three products. That is why I can’t really say how it works on long hair and whether it disappears after combing, but it works really nice on short hair. Here is what it looked like on my mom:

Before applying the product
After applying the product

 So, I applied the product, brushed it out, and it seemed like it was going to stick all together and clump. However, after I allowed it to dry, I brushed it out once again and it worked. The hairs weren’t stuck together, it wasn’t sticky under the fingers and it didn’t transfer on my fingers after touching it, which is great. So, I think it’s really cool for touch-ups like that. However, if you want to do all of your roots, I think it would take a very long time. Also, I think there’s not as much product, so if you do your entire hair (roots, that is), it would be for one, maybe two times. Plus, you will probably need someone else to do it for you. But for an instant touch up, or if you have long hair and have a part in your hair and you want your part to look nicer- I think it’s a very cool idea!

Another picture after applying the product

 My rating for this product would be 4/5 because it’s not practical for the entire hair.

2. Cover your gray professional

This is a product that looks very much like a lipstick. It says it’s waterproof and is used to “touch up gray hair instantly”. The packaging says: No water needed, blends beautifully, go longer between colorings. It is available in 3 matching shades- medium brown, dark brown and black. There is nothing for light hair, but then again, they don’t have grays as visible.
I got the medium brown one. The color is on the warmer side, but it’s not redish, or orange, so I think that this works in most cases. It smells kind of pastel-y to me, like those kids’ pastel colors, but the smell is not intense.
Directions: Apply directly to area you wish to touch-up. Cover your gray professional will blend beautifully with existing hair color. Won’t mat or clump. Color will last. Simply shampoo normally to wash out.
Now, since my mom has short hair, I couldn’t really test it on her. I tried to, but it didn’t work. This to me seems like it would be a bit more sticky than the previous one, and that it would not stay as long on the hair.

I can’t really give a true rating to this product, but I would say about 3/5.

That’s it for this post! What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them? Have you tried something similar?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx

*This post contains PR samples