Read/Wear/Listen/Want #1 and an Exciting Announcement!

Hello everyone!

I saw this post on Sinead’s blog and I told her I would really like to do that myself. So I am bringing you a post about what I’ve been doing lately. And make sure you stay til the end, because I have some exciting news to share (well, exciting for me, anyway).


College has been hectic lately. I have so much stuff to do and so much things to learn. That’s why I wasn’t really reading much. I did read a book on British culture and civilization, which is actually quite interesting, but soooo much information that I have no idea how I’m going to memorize all of that, haha. Also, for my literature class, I’ve been reading Blake and Wordsworth, and I have to say I really like their poetry. Blake’s especially! I have also been reading quite a lot of blogs lately. Here are some of my favorite ones: Kim from Londonstagraam, Kay from Shoes and Glitters, Olena from Keen on Beauty, and Lauren Powers.


As usual, I’ve been wearing a lot of knitted stuff. I love everything knitted and being warm. Even though it wasn’t as cold lately, I wanted to wear warm clothes. I have no idea how I’m going to live now that it’s getting really cold here. Also, I did a very nice makeup look recently, but my dining room lighting is terrible so you won’t be able to see it, but you can see my hat that I’ve been wearing a lot recently:


I haven’t been into music that much lately, which is really weird for me. I love music, but somehow I wasn’t listening to anything lately. The only time I was listening to music was when I was getting ready and putting on makeup and I always listen to the same old songs I’ve been listening to for ages, so nothing exciting there. But, as far as watching part goes, I’ve been watching two shows that are quite cool. The first one that I’ve finished watching with my boyfriend was 666 Park Avenue.

Picture source

It’s a very intriguing show, has only one season so you won’t spend a lot of time watching before finding out what happened and it’s not a horror show, even though it may seem like one. I can’t watch horror movies and I watched this before sleeping, so you know it’s not too hard core.

The next show is Once Upon a Time

Picture source

This one has been around for quite some time now. They are broadcasting season 5 now and it’s quite exciting. I feel like not many people watch this show, but I think it’s fun. It’s about all these fairy tales and stories combined and put in our world. No spoilers, I promise. But watch it! You won’t be sorry.


I wrote a whole post about this a while ago. This is really my ultimate wish list and I don’t think I have anyting to take from the list or add to the list. Here is the post. But I think that the Urban Decay Vice4 palette, which is in the post is what I want most, it’s just so beautiful!

That is it for that part of the post. Now! About the exciting news. In December, I would like to do a series of posts. It would be third post each week (but only in December, after December I’m going back to two) and it would be all about DIYs and Christmas. I would post it for 4 weeks, until 23rd of December, so until Xmas. Making gifts and decor. I haven’t decided what day it will be posted, probably Wednesday (so Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday/Saturday). I already have 2 posts planned that are DIY and will help you save money on gifts for Christmas this year. If you have any ideas for posts, please let me know. I will do a Christmas nail art and makeup posts, but these will be posted on Tuesday.

Also, I was thinking about sharing my London planning process every once in a while here, just let you know what tips I’ve found, cool places etc. I think it could be fun and the first post like that could be up next week already, so let me know what you think ­čÖé

And that’s it for this post! What do you think about everything I read/wore/listened and watched and wanted recently? And what do you think of my announcements?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx