3 in 1 pine cone DIY || #KellysDiyXmas no.4

Hello everyone!

I am sorry that this post is going up quite late in the day, but I was super busy. It’s 5:30 pm here, and I already had coffee with my boyfriend (it’s his birthday today), made 2 Christmas trees from this post, decorated our Christmas tree, wrapped all the gifts, made some cookies, tidied my room (:D) aaaand help mom clean the house. And I still have to wash my hair, make my cheese spread for smoked salmon and help make dinner. It’s been hectic. But now I’m here and I am bringing you another 3-in-1 post! This time it’s all about pine cones! Here is what I came up with!

1. Pine cone ornament

What I used:
A pine cone
Some ribbon
A glue gun

First I made a bow of a ribbon.

Then I made a loop of yarn, so that the ornament can be put on your Christmas tree.

Then I glue gunned everything to my pine cone and that is the first DIY done! I did spray paint the pine cone gold, but you don’t have to do that 🙂

2. Candle holder

What I used:
2 pine cones
Some ribbon
White paint
A jar
Glue gun
Fake snow (I am sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it)

Firstly, I glue gunned the ribbon around the brim of the jar and made a bow.

Then I glue gunned 2 pine cones to the front of the jar.

Then I filled the jar with some fake snow.

The last thing I did was add a candle in the candle holder.

3. Snow globe glass

A big glass
Some hard paper
A pine cone
A gold spray paint
A glue gun
White paint
A brush
Fake snow (forgot to take a photo of it)
Some nice candles

Firstly, I placed my glass on the paper and drew a circle around the brim.

And then I cut it out. This is a base for my snow globe.

I spray painted my pine cone gold, and when it was dry, I took some white paint and painted the edges, so that it looked like snow.

Then I glue gunned my pine cone to the base.

I filled my glass with some fake snow. Make sure you don’t put too much, because it will cover up the pine cone.

Then I glue gunned the base with the pine cone to the top of the glass.

And then I flipped it over.

And that’s it! You can put a candle on top, or you can have it as it it 🙂

Did you like today’s DIY post? Which project did you like the most? Will you make any of these yourself?

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I want you to have an amazing day today and I wish you a merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx