3-in1 Christmas DIY post || #KellysDiyXmas no.3

Hello everyone!

Today I’m bringing you a new DIY post with not one, not two, but three ideas for Christmas decorations and gifts!

All of these will be very simple, maybe a bit time consuming, but I assure you, everyone will love these!

1. Toilet paper rolls Christmas wreath

What you’ll need for this DIY:

Toilet paper rolls
A ruler
Green spray paint
A glue gun
Small red beads (I cut out some red garland, just like in the Christmas tree DIY)

Firstly, I cut out toilet paper rolls 1.5 cm thick.

Then I spray painted it green and allowed it to dry. After it was dry, I connected five of them in a little flower, using a glue gun.

I measured how big I wanted my wreath to be, and made enough flowers for that and connected them, so that they formed a circle.

You can see in the picture above that I started applying a second row of these flowers, too. That way, I had 8 flowers in the first row and then 4 in the second row. I thought it looked more full when I added the second row.

I finished the design by adding some red beads, so that it looks like Christmas holly.

This is what it looks like on our entry to the house. I’m sorry that this picture is quite bad, but I couldn’t do it any other way 😀

2. Fragrant oranges and cloves

What you’ll need for this DIY:


Firstly, I tied ribbon around oranges and made a little bow at the top.

Then I started poking holes with cloves and sticking them in. You can do them quite far apart, like I did, or you can do it more densely, but that way it will take a lot more time. Also, cloves can be quite spiky, so be careful while doing this!

And that’s it! It smells amazing and like Christmas aaand it makes a really nice gift!

3. A little wool hat (an ornament or a decoration)

What you’ll need for this DIY

Some wool, I used 2 colors, but you can use only one or more than two
Left over toilet paper roll pieces from the wreath DIY

Firstly, I cut out strings of wool. I tried to measure it by folding it in half and putting it to the toilet paper roll, and it has to be quite long. I think mine were around 20 cm.

Then I started taking 3 strings at a time, folding them in half and putting them inside the toilet paper roll with cut parts down. Then I folded the upper part backwards and put the lower part of the strings through the little loop. (I am sorry if I make no sense, but I hope you’ll be able to see from the pictures what I mean by that).

I did gray and pink wool hat, so I tried to do pink ones first and then adding gray ones in the middle. I think it’s a bit faster that way. Make sure that you push them really close together so that the toilet paper roll doesn’t peek through the wool.

When I was done adding wool, I tried to leave some of the strings longer, so that I could hang the hat that way, but it didn’t really work out, so I will have to put a string in later. Anyways, this is what it looked like when I was done adding wool.

The last thing you have to do is tie all the pieces together, so that you have a little ‘pom-pom’ at the top, and cut the strings if they are too long (they probably are). And that’s it! A cute little hat! If I have time before gift giving, I will try to make these for everyone I will give gifts to.

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