DIY Christmas Tree || #KellysDiyXmas no.1

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you my first Christmas DIY post and it’s going to be this cute little Christmas tree. It’s a perfect gift for Christmas, as well as the perfect Christmas decor for your own house 🙂 Please excuse the background in this post! I did this in the little workshop area of our house, in order not to ruin any other room with glue and glue gun 😀
Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone who came by to check out my latest blog post and especially to those who decided to comment on it. These comments were literally the nicest to read ever. You guys told me various ways that the post inspired you… some of you wanted to start doing nail art, some of you wanted to stop biting nails, some of you remember of old nail stuff that needed to be found… it was so rewarding to read these. This is why I want to blog- to inspire people. And not just in these small things, but truly inspire girls, women or whoever reads my blog to love themselves 🙂 So thank you once again, and before I get too cheezy, let’s go back to the post!

So, I did this same project last year as well, but this year I wanted to decorate it a bit nicer and show you guys how to do it. Here is what it looked like last year:

Yes, it has fairy lights inside. Yes, the new one will have them, too. I just couldn’t find my box with Christmas stuff, so I couldn’t take a picture. But I will make sure to take a picture of it once I set everything up.

Anyways, here is everything you’re going to need for this little project:

Some paper (try to get some harder one, so that it can stand straight and not crease easily)
Glue (something like mod podge)
Green spray paint (or some other color if you don’t want a green tree)
A glue gun
                   I got red and silver garland and cut the beads off
                   I also got some white pom-pom like balls
                   I got some white powder (I wanted to use it as snow, but ended up not using it :D)
                   I ended up using some ribbon and creating little bows, but I didn’t take a picture of that

Of course, you can use any type of decorations you want.

Now, the first thing you have to do is make a paper cone. Try to make it as straight as possible, until it stops leaning to one or the other side and tape it up so it stays put.

Now I took a bowl, poured some glue in and I actually added some water to make it more liquid. I did 1 part glue and 1 part water (or just a little bit less water than glue) and I mixed it up until it was smooth. Then I took the yarn and with my finger I was applying the glue to the yarn and started to wrap it around the paper cone.

When you wrap the yarn, you don’t want to start at the bottom and go down all at once. You want to go up and down kind of randomly, because that is what gives the tree structure, and that is why it is able to stand straight (sort of, lol- you’ll see) up. Every once in a while, I would stop and go over some spots with some more glue, so that it’s even firmer (especially where two strings cross).

So this is what it looked like when I was done wrapping it. It shouldn’t be too dense, because you wouldn’t be able to see fairy lights through, but it has to be dense enough so that it can stand on its own.
After you’re done, you have to let it dry for at least 3-4 hours, but I like to leave it over night.

The next day, I took the tree off the paper and yes, I did have a hard time doing that, because the paper kept tearing and it kind of tore my tree as well, and it was stuck to the tree pretty hard. But! I did manage to do it at the end. If you have some little pieces of paper left, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. It won’t be visible at all once the tree is all done and beautiful! (When I do this tree next time, I will try to wrap some clear kitchen stretch foil around the paper cone and see if it works better, or if everything will just slide off it. I will let you know!)

Now it’s time to spray-paint our tree. I did this twice, because I saw that I missed some spots when it was dry, so make sure you do that to. Once you spray-paint it, it takes about an hour to dry, just make sure you do it outside!

After the spray-paint is dry, I started decorating it using a glue gun. I kind of did this part randomly, wherever I felt like there was some blank space that needed filling up. I decided that I would use red, silver and white decorations and I am really proud with how it turned out! What do you think?

This is the finished result. Now, yes, I know that it’s a bit crooked and I am not sure why, but it doesn’t even matter as much, because I am very proud of it and I will be very proud to give it as a gift to my friends and family 🙂

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Did you like my first DIY Christmas project? Will you do something like this yourself? Who would you give it to?

If you have any ideas for the next DIY Christmas posts, you can always send me a pin 😉 or an email, or a tweet, or whatever you’d like!

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx