Monthly stats/Updates/Rambling

 Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you an update post. Monthly stats, what’s been going on, what we’ll do in the future…

So, firstly I’d like to talk about my last week, which was absolutely crazy. I was almost fired at the McDonald’s, because someone didn’t come to work, and they thought it was me (we worked everything out, though).

I got a new job! I am going to be teaching English, which is actually my dream job and I’ve wanted to do this forever. I don’t have the details yet, but I did have to show them if I can teach, so I had to give a lecture on any high school topic I wanted, and I decided to talk about Reported speech. It went great (I did get the job), but it was the first time ever that I taught anyone. Can you even imagine how nervous I was. Now, I don’t know any details about the job yet, but I have a meeting with them on Tuesday, and I will know everything then! Fingers crossed it works out!

I’ve found out that they’re looking for Croatian bloggers in Australia, so I sent an email asking for detalis, so that might be cool.

The first company contacted me asking if I would like them to send me some product for review! It was always me, or the Croatian portal I write for, that had to ask companies if I could get some stuff to write about, and now they’ve contacted me, which is super exciting. I will do a review for them, and they will give me a 10% coupon code for you guys. And once 10 people have used that coupon code, they will do a giveaway for my blog. So stay tuned (it’s a super affordable website with free shipping worldwide).

This giveaway will be separate from mine. I still am doing my giveaway for you. It’s just that now that Christmas is around the corner, a lot of money is spent on gifts, but I promise it will be on the blog soon.

I had a mid-term this week, as well, which I hope went well (and yes, our semester lasts until the end of January, so this is a mid-term, not a final exam).

I also managed to keep up with my 3-posts-a-week schedule, which is crazy, because I’ve been super busy. But I guess it’s all about time management. And yes, I think I will manage to keep up with it until Christmas 🙂

Now you’re probabbly wondering why I didn’t talk about my monthly stats lately. The main reason was- I had nothing to brag about! HAHA! Since I was so busy, studying for my mid-terms, I didn’t really have the time to share my posts, so all the views I got were Bloglovin, or my regular readers and a few random ones. In November I had only 1374 views, which was kind of disappointing, but I knew I couldn’t expect more, since I wasn’t sharing. However, this month I already have close to 900 views, so I expect this to be a very successful month!

Now for my social media:

1. Instagram
I am following 534, 134 people follow me and I have 135 posts.

2. Pinterest
I am following 610, 300 people follow me, I’ve pinned 5.7k pins.

3. Twitter
I am following 1840, 690 follow me

4. Bloglovin
I am following 580 and have 149 followers.

5. Google+
I am following 644 and 122 have me in their circles.

Most successful was definitely Bloglovin. It has been growing quite fast lately and I’m really happy about that. It is also my favorite social media for my blog, because I don’t have to share anything and people can see my new posts. I think it’s an awesome tool. It is also very easy to find new blogs to follow!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy this kind of rambly post. It wouldn’t be this rambly if it wasn’t for the crazy week this one was.. But I like to keep you guys updated in a way 🙂

Was this week successful for you? Did anything special happen?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx