My Mini Haul

Hello everyone!
Today I have a short post for you, with a little haul from
my shopping trip I did on Wednesday. I already posted it on my Instagram
profile on Wednesday (I couldn’t wait to show you). One of our drugstores had a
40% discount on L’Oreal, so I decided to go and buy something new. I was going
to buy one of their foundations, but decided not to, because I still have quite
a lot of my Maybelline one, so spending money on a new one would be kind of
Even though I went to buy L’Oreal stuff, I ended up buying
just one thing from them and three more things from other brands, which was not
what I planned, but I did (kind of need those things) 😀
1. Miss Manga Dark Angel mascara
So, the first thing I bought was the Miss Manga mascara. I’ve
been wanting this mascara so bad for quite some time now, but I just never got
around to buying it. It was less than $6, so I think I got a great deal there.
Of course, the moment I got back to my apartment, I had to
try it out and I have to say… I am not impressed and it makes me so sad. I do
like the formula, but the fact that the wand is so wiggly and not stiff makes
me not like it as much as I hoped I would.
My lashes are pretty long and voluminous, so the wand kind
of bends more than I would like it to, and I ended up with mascara on my
eyelid. At one point I even poked myself in the eye and the mascara was all
over the place. I will give it a second chance today, and once I have the final
impression, I will do a tutorial.
2. Catrice Cosmetics  Prime and Fine pore refining anti-shine base
I don’t own a face makeup primer. I know, right? And I was
going to get one waaay back, but somehow never did. So on Wednesday I saw this
one by Catrice and it was only about $4.5-$5. After trying it out on my hand, I
quite liked how it blurred all the lines I have going on, so I decided to get
it and try it out. I will be trying it on my face for the first time today, so
I will make sure to let you know how it worked.
3. Balea 1-minute hair mask with peach and coconut
Of course I had to get my holy grail hair mask. This is less
than $1 and it works amazingly. I used it the same day in the evening and my
hair feels super silky and nice. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying this
product. Here’s what my hair looked like after treating it with this mask (I
also used some coconut oil as a mask before I washed my hair, for about 2-3
4. Freeman mint & lemon clay mask
This is a pretty standard clay mask, but it is quite strong.
You’re supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes, and may not want to leave it
longer than that, because it can make your face kind of irritated and red. But
it does work quite nice. It makes your skin quite firm and shrinks pores, so I
was quite happy with the results. I used it once on Wednesday, and I think I
can still get at least one, or maybe 2 uses out of it. I bought it for about
$1.5 and a friend that came with me on this shopping spree actually recommended
it to me. So thank you for that (you know who you are;)
And that’s it for my little haul. I hope you liked it!
What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of
Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx