Pinterest Inspired Aztec Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This weekend I had the opportunity to do some nail art on my friend’s nails and I was quite excited, since I can’t do it on my own nails. She wanted something simple at first, but then fell in love with this nail art we found on Pinterest:

Picture source

I was a bit anxious, because it’s quite detailed, and I’m not the best at drawing straight lines, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out!

Here is what I used:

base: essence studio nails pro white hardner
black: essence The Darks I<3Trends in 20 turn on the black (it’s not really a true black, but I feel like black
                 nailpolish is really hard to find these days)
white: essence colour&go 199 wild white ways
mint: essence colour&go 146 that’s what i mint!
blue: MayFactor max effect mini nail polish 35 Candy Blue
matte top coat: Avon nailwear pro+ top coat
top coat: Konad Top Coat

You can use any nail polish for this look, or even different colors.

As always, I prepped her nails by filing them and applying base coat. After that, I put two coats of black polish, so that it’s opaque.

Then I started drawing the design. It involved a lot of lines, curvy lines and dots, as well as rectangles. In the Pinterest picture the highlight nail was on the ring finger, but since her ring finger nail broke, we decided to put the design on her middle finger and her thumb. We did the entire design white, because the blue wouldn’t show that well on the black background. I drew the design using a precise nail art brush. You don’t have to be super precise, because you can fix everything later, once you apply the blue, and then see what needs touching up. I made little dots using a dotting tool

After that, on a piece of paper, I combined the two blue colors to get a more vibrant teal or turquoise (I still don’t know the difference :D) and then I started applying this on the places I wanted to. So some rectangles were blue, some lines and some dots.

After that, I applied the matte top coat on every nail that didn’t have a design on (it turned black nail polish kind of purple, but I think it looks quite cool) and the Konad Top Coat on nails with design. Now, before applying top coat on your design, the design can look a bit messy, or uneven (it may show in the picture above), but once you put top coat on, everything looks really nice, so don’t worry! Also, make sure that the design is totally dry before you apply your top coat so that it doesn’t smudge.

And that’s it! Did you like this design? Is there a design you would like me to recreate? Or a Christmas-y nail design you’d like me to do?

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Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx