Urban Decay Vice4 Palette Review

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Now onto my review…
I have received this palette from my mom for Christmas and I was so excited! If you want to see what else I got for Christmas, you can click here! It has been on my wish list for quite some time before ordering it, so I appreciated the gift even more!

Urban Decay Vice4

 We ordered the palette from the FeelUnique site, and got free shipping, so if you’re interested in buying it, you can check it out 🙂

First of all, they packaged the palette amazingly! There was so much styrofoam, that it couldn’t move, and to be honest, I was a little worried that it might break in the mail, but it was totally secure.

Second of all, let’s talk about the packaging for just a second. I left the box at home, but they have all the shades listed at the back, as well as the ingredients, but I don’t really understand what all of them mean, so I’m not going to show off by listing them here (I may want to learn what each means and does, maybe someday 😀 )

The palette itself comes with a beautiful pouch, that has the same kind of metallic web on it that the palette and the box have, it fits the palette perfectly and it protects it from gathering dust (not so much from breaking, though, so don’t drop it and expect it not to break).

Now, when you open it is when the real magic happens. It’s pretty sturdy, but the web on the front is 3D, and it’s plastic (at least from what I can tell), so I think it might break pretty easily. It has a magnet as an opening mechanism.

Urban Decay Vice4

And when you open it…. WOW! You get 20 amazing shades, a two-sided brush and a huge mirror that is the size of the palette. That certainly is a bonus. What I also love is that they have names for every eyeshadow in the palette, under each shade. That’s quite convenient if you’re a blogger or YouTuber and want to tell your readers/viewers which shades you used.

Urban Decay Vice4

I was quite excited about the brush, but I have to say that it disappointed me. It’s too stiff and kind of silky (or what ever those slippery and super smooth bristles are), which makes it quite hard to work with. It took me quite a long time to blend the colors in with that brush, and I ended up using my Essence blending brush in the end.

Urban Decay Vice4 brush

I have to say that I do feel kind of limited by not having the right brushes, but hopefully it will change once my brushes from the Born Pretty Store arrive. I can’t wait to play with all of these then.

As for the shades, I knew which one I am going to love most, but I was expecting to be a bit more inspired. Every time I open up the palette I reach for the same shades. I really have to work on that and create some looks. Options are numerous, really.

As I said, there are 20 shades and, since I’ve never owned a high end eyeshadow palette before, I was really impressed with the quality. No fall out what so ever and the pigmentation is out of this world. What I especially love about this palette is that the colors are not nude, brownish and grey, but they are actually colorful. Eyeshadows like that (as you may already know) really excite me! There are some mattes, some shimmers, some glitters, but they are all really creamy and blendable.

You have some earthy tones, but they are unique, I think. I don’t think I’ve ever seen shades like these. Also, you have oranges (yes, those are my favorite), greens, purple, something like fuchsia, golds and some colors I don’t even know how to describe.

So, for the sake of me not embarasing myself by trying to explain what colors these are, let’s move on to swatches!

Urban Decay Vice4 swatch row 1

In the top row we have (from left to right): Bones (amazing for highlighting), Grip, Deadbeat, Beat Down and Pandemonium (this one amazes me).

Urban Decay Vice4 swatch row 2

Second row we have: Framed, Fast Ball, 1985 (a really fun one), Underhand and Harlot (this one is really special, I love it).

Urban Decay Vice4 swatch row 3

Third row: Discreet, Grasshopper (can’t wait to use this one), C-Note, Arctic and Robbery.

Urban Decay Vice4 swatch row 4

And the last row: Bitter (beautiful crease color), Flame (absolutely my favorite out of all of them), Low, Crowbar and Delete (this one I love for the outer corner).

These are all the shades. I am kind of unsure about some of them, in terms of not being able to figure out how and where to use them, but all of them are absolutely amazing! My favorite, as you can probably tell are Flame, Pandemonium, Harlot, Underhand, Grasshopper, Bitter, Bones (who am I kidding, all of them). 😀

I do have a problem with Low (last row), because it’s quite glittery, and for me, this one did have some fallout. But if only one eyeshadow out of 20 eyeshadows in a palette that didn’t work out and I will religiously use all the rest of them, I think it’s a success 🙂

I just wish they included a better brush. Some of the drugstore brands have proved that a brush doesn’t really have to be expensive in order to be good.

I did take photos of the two looks I’ve created so far, but they don’t capture the look at all (do you have any suggestions as to how to take a photo of a makeup look that is quite layered and bright and colorful?)

Urban Decay Vice4 look orange

Urban Decay Vice4 look purple
If you want to see what I used for this look, click here

Do you have this palette? Would you get it if you don’t? What are your favorite shades?

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