Our Lush Experience

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about this past Saturday, when my boyfriend and I went to get a facial in Lush. So, here when you subscribe to the Lush newsletter, you can chose a facial, hand treatment, some kind of a party where you can bring your friends and some sort of consultation.

We chose a facial, because it includes a massage and things you wouldn’t normally try out when you go to Lush. Hand treatment- you can try everything just by visiting the store, consultation- they explain to you different things about your skin and skin type (so, if you know at least something about it, you won’t get much out of it) and the party with your friends means that you bring your friends and you do facial treatments for each other, which means that it won’t be as thorough.

Anyways, we got there Saturday 11:45 a.m. and were greeted in the nicest way possible. The lady was really nice, and was super cool about the fact that they told me to come at 11:45, but wrote down we’d be there at 11.

Dino was our ‘therapist’ for the day 😀 and he was super cool, super chill and super fun to be around. We talked while he was pampering us, and we’ve had the most amazing time. Even my boyfriend, who is super not into cosmetics loved it and kept touching his face after leaving 😀

I don’t know the names of the stuff he used, I’m so sorry, but I didn’t think I’d love it so much that I would want to write about that, so I didn’t write the whole process down. However, first he cleaned our faces, then used a tonic. After that, he massaged our faces with a serum, and applied our masks on top. Then we waited for about 15 minutes for our masks to dry (and talked in the mean time, of course).

While we waited… Fun fact! Did you know that the Lush store in Zagreb is actually the oldest Lush store in the world? I know I didn’t and I was always complaining how we don’t have one in Croatia. Well, I guess we did have one. For almost my entire life 😀

Anyways, when our masks dried, he cleaned them with a cool little sponge, that is also exfoliating, cleaned it again with a tonic on a cotton pad and applied moisturizer.

I have to say, I didn’t really get to use much of Lush products because, first, they’re quite expensive, second, I think that they’re not really as all natural as they claim to be (because I did happen to read their ingredients list), so I thought it’s not worth it. But after that experience, and Dino being as fun and cool as he was, I not only want to try more of their products, I want to work there 😀

What I also loved is the fact that no one tried to convince us to buy anything, he was willing to answer all of our questions about the products, ingredients and what those ingredients do. He showed us nearly every product in the store, AND(!) he gave us 7 little samples to try out! That was super cool! Because now I will get to know Lush products better and see if I still like them 😀

Here’s what he gave us:

2 Prince Charming shower gels 

which I’ve tried and I don’t really like. I have the Dirty Springwash shower gel by them in full size, which I like much more. Firstly, the scent is weird. Not that it smells bad, but it’s weird. Kind of powdery and citrus-y and something I can’t figure out… simply weird. Secondly, the color of it- OMG! It’s bright pink, but it’s opaque! You kind of look like you’re bleeding when you use it, and I messed up my entire shower 😀 So, I don’t think I’d repurchase that. If you want to see a more in depth review, I’ll be happy to do that.

2 American Cream hair conditioner

I’ve tried that one, too, and I love it so far! I think it really conditioned my hair and it was really bouncy and shiny after using that. I’ve used it only once so far, so I can’t really tell you for sure, but I do have 2, so I can get at least 2 more uses out of them. Also the scent is very much Lush-like 😀 but I don’t hate it.

1 Don’t look at me face mask

I haven’t tried that one, yet. It’s a green mask, which I keep in my fridge and should use it up really soon. Tomorrow maybe. It smells quite nice, so I guess it will be nice. Also, because it’s in the fridge, I think the feeling will be pretty amazing. It’s supposed to shrink pores, which I kind of need.

1 Angels on bare skin face mask

This one I think I’ll like even more, because (from what I can tell), it’s a clay mask, with all sorts of cool herbs and what ever it is inside. It smells pretty cool, too. I haven’t used that either, but I think Dino said this one lasts a bit longer than the green one.

1 Cosmetic Lad moisturizer

I’m not sure why I thought this one was for me, even though it clearly says LAD on the container 😀 But, oh well… I thought it was the moisturizer used on me in the store, but it’s not. And now I don’t know which one it was, but I loved it so much! Anyways, I haven’t tried that one yet, and I’ll give it to my boyfriend (obviously), but to be honest… I’m not the biggest fan of the scent. I like my moisturizers pretty low key on scents.

That’s it for our samples.

I forgot to mention, we were in Ilica, so if you’re ever near that area, go and say hi to Dino. He probably doesn’t remember us, but still 😀

Also, I got the best compliment a girl can hear there. They told me I have great skin, which meant so much to me, since I really do try to use what’s good for my skin, not use too many products and to keep my skin nice and healthy, so I was really proud that all my work paid off 😀

I’m really sorry I didn’t write down the whole process of our facial, but we do have another one sometime in the future, so I will make sure to write everything down and maybe even take a few photos? What do you think?

And that’s it for this post! Did you ever get something similar in Lush? Would you like to try it? Have you tried any of these products?

P.S. I hope to be able to announce my giveaway winner soon. I am waiting to hear back from the Born Pretty Store, which is taking longer than I expected, but I guess that they’ll contact me soon.

Thanks for reading!
See you soon xx