Ebelin Brush Cleanser Review

Hello everyone!

I promised you a beauty post after all the London posts and I think we can fit it into the beauty category… We all clean our brushes (more or less often :D), and we need them for makeup, so I guess it’s beauty. I will be talking about a brush cleanser that I got from my dear friend for Christmas.

This can be found in DM drugstores for around $4, it was made in Germany and is supposed to be used between deep cleaning your brushes and you get 100 ml.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I used to be terrible at cleaning my brushes. At first, when I started wearing makeup, I didn’t even own brushes, then when I got my first set from eBay, I don’t think I’ve cleaned them more than 3 times in about 2 years. Then I got some Essence brushes and then I got better at cleaning them, but it was in no way regular. Now that I have quite a lot of brushes, I clean them way more often (but I am not saying I’ve started to like doing that :D).

However, this cleanser was actually what made me do it more often, because it’s really fast and easy, and the brushes don’t take that long to dry. That is my favorite part, actually.

It contains Tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes and when I read it, I was quite stunned, because it doesn’t really look pretty 😀 Just look at all the words in here… methyl, acetyl, naphthalenes… Not my cup of tea… However, after Googling it, I realized it was a fragrance ingredient, which in my opinion doesn’t really work. The scent of the cleanser is quite artificial and strong, but it does fade with time, so I guess I don’t mind it that much, even though I do think it could have been better.

Now, the packaging is in German, with a few main points in Croatian, but I have to say, I couldn’t find the ingredients list. However, I have read somewhere that it contains alcohol, which means that it’s also for disinfection.

However, some of the warnings on the package have started to worry me. It said it was flammable, okay, it contains alcohol, so I guess it makes sense. But then it said that it can irritate your eyes and cause alergic reactions. Do I really want something like that on my brushes and then those brushes on my face? Well, I guess I do 😀

Now for its performance. It actually works quite well. When you don’t have the time to clean your brushes properly, or if you have to clean your brushes quite often (for example if you’re a makeup artist), I think that’s quite a nice solution. I have tested it on a quite dirty powder brush and a few different smaller brushes (a fluffy angled brush, a round pencil-like brush and a blending brush).

You are supposed to spray it onto your brush, wait around 30 seconds and then swirl it onto a piece of paper until there’s no more residue. Here’s how it worked:

Dirty brushes
Brushes after cleansing

Except for brushes, it can be used for various blenders and sponges. I’ve tried it on two of my Beauty Blender dupes, and it actually worked quite nice, even though I didn’t really expect it to work as well. Here is how that worked:

Dirty blenders

Clean blenders

Overall, I think this product is quite convenient, even though it’s not entirely safe to use, considering that it is flammable and can cause alergic reaction. I like it, because it makes cleaning brushes really fast and simple, and it’s not a huge pain in the bum to clean them anymore.

Have you ever tried this product? Have you tried a similar one? Would you try this one?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx