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Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve switched to Disqus for comments, and, while I do love it, like really love it!, I hate how messed up those older comments are. I guess you can’t fix that, so just don’t look at them :DD

So, today I made an impulse order on Well, it was kind of an impulse order, because I would eventually buy a dress for a wedding I’m attending in summer in-store, and probably spend just as much (or more) than I did on this entire order.

So, as I said, I am going to a wedding, and I don’t really have many wedding-appropriate dresses. All the ones I have I’ve worn to a several weddings already (not that I care, but I wanted something new). So I when I heard they had free shipping for today, I had to look at what they were offering.

I had quite a hard time picking a dress, because I really did love a lot of them, but I had to choose one. However, I also saw that they offered a 40% off coupon if you order $55+ (more on that in a bit), sooo I kind of decided to get two. And a shirt. Don’t judge me 😀

So, here is what I’ve got:

Camel Crew Neck Bodycon Dress

I thought this was such a beautiful, elegant, polished (you see my point?) dress, and even though I know it’s not going to be the easiest to pull of, I had to get it… I really hope it’s going to look good on me and that my tummy won’t stick out 😀 Which is highly likely 😀 But we’ll see… Fingers crossed it works! This dress was only $13.99! Bargain, right?! (Original price $21.99) I got it in S, just because I think it’s going to show everything, including my belly button, because it’s so tight. I may have to get a pair of spanx, though :D:D If you want, you can check it out here.

Army Green Long Sleeve Blouses

Then I got this shirt. I love the colour, I hove how loose it is, it’s easy to style up or down, it’s thin, basically I think it’s perfect for summer. I am so eager to see if it really is what I hope it to be. This retails for $13.99, as well and the original price is $24.77. I would actually expect that to be cheaper than the dress I showed you before, but oh well 😀 Click here to see it.

Multicolor Sleeveless Floral Dress

This is the last thing I ordered, just in case the first dress doesn’t work (very likely :D). I thought it had some pretty colours, it’s fun, but elegant at the same time, I can play with makeup a bit with this dress and overall, I think it’s really pretty. This dress was $15.39 and the original price was $26.38. Click here to see it. So, as you can see, I didn’t spend a lot at all.


Since I had to order something else to get to those $55+, I did pick out the 2 following items:

Multicolor Plaid Fringe Scarve

I thought this scarf was so beautiful, and even though the winter is gone, I thought I needed it in my life 😀 It was reduced from $23.27 to $9.90 (not bad). Click here to see it (and if you want to know why I decided I can live without it, keep reading).

Fashion Silver Chain Link Bracelet

I was a few dollars from $55, so I needed something cheap and I did want a new bracelet to go with my cute new dresses, so I decided to get this one. I’m quite picky when it comes to jewelry and I don’t really wear it that often, but I thought this would look good. It was reduced from $8.10 to $4.91. Click here to see it. I’m not sure if it would look cheap once I got it, but I kind of liked it. Plus 40% off?? Who cares if it’s not nice?

Now, if you add up all the prices, you’ll see that it was around $58. Great! With 40% off it’s like…. wait, still calculating… uhh $34? I think 😀 Which is great! For 5 beautiful things? Awesome!

Not so fast, Kelly! 

So, I apply my coupon code, click validate… And you know what it says? It says $57. $57!!! What in the world??? Needles to say, I was pissed! I immediately contacted their customer service (which is, luckily an online chat kind of a thing), and I get a reply quickly. It said, I kid you not… The coupon is applied on the full (original price). WHAT??? How does that make any sense, when everything on your site is discounted, yep, you’ve guessed it 36% or more? I wasn’t rude at all, I contained myself somehow, but please tell me you think the same. Am I alone here?

Anyways, we have a nice chat, and the person tells me that they can give me a 45% coupon on a 30+ order (still applied to the original price). I mean, it’s not their fault, so what am I going to do… So, I took it, decided to get rid of the scarf and the bracelet, since I really wanted the 3 things I bought and paid just a few cents over $40. $3-something off 😀 Better something than nothing, right? 😀 Not really, but oh, well…

Anyways, I did want to let you guys know that you do have just under 14 hours from now, to get a free shipping, so use that 🙂 Don’t bother using the coupon 😀 or just contact them like I did and tell them that that’s just stupid 😀

Do you like what I ordered? Or do you like what I didn’t order more? 😀 What would you buy for yourself?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx