Vichy Neovadiol Gf Day Care for Dry Skin || REVIEW

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First of all, I’d like to wish you all a happy Women’s day! Pamper yourselves ladies, today is your day 😀

And now for today’s topic. I am bringing you a review on Vichy Neovadiol Gf Densifying and Sculpting Day Care for Dry Skin (is that a mouthful or what?). I got this about a week and a half ago from my boyfriend’s mom in little foil packs (not sure why everyone hates them so much, I think they’re super convenient) and I’ve been using them since. They come in 1.5ml or 0.05 fl.oz. Each pack was enough for 3 uses for me. (I did leave a few on the side, and you may win it in a future giveaway).

What does Vichy claim?

Developed for every woman concerned by loss of skin firmness and skin dryness. Enriched with Proteic Gf and Pro-Xylane.
Vichy Neovadiol Gf Densifying and Sculpting Day Care for Dry Skin is Vichy’s first day cream proven to act on the 3 key areas of skin for women during the menopause. Plumped cheeks, toned jaw line and a refined neck.

Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control
– Hypoallergenic
– Paraben free
– Enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Directions: Apply Vichy Neovadiol Gf Densifying and Sculpting Day Care for Dry Skin daily, morning or evening. For the right treatment for your skin, this cream is available for normal to combination skin and for dry skin. 

You may be wondering why someone as young as I am would use a moisturizer that is supposed to be for mature, or menopausal skin.
Well, to be honest, when I got it I didn’t really know what to do with it. My mom has a bunch to use up already and didn’t want all the samples (she did take 3 of them, which left me with 30-something more to pass around), so I decided to try it myself. 

What I thought about it?

I actually really enjoyed the texture. It’s really rich, but light at the same time. It’s not sticky at all, it absorbs quite quickly and it left my skin feeling amazing and really soft.
Now, I can’t really tell you if it firms the skin, since my skin already is firm, but it did some pretty amazing stuff to it. 

It glides onto my skin like heaven and it has a really silky texture, even though it seems really thick as you can see on the photo below:

However, I have to say  I don’t like the scent. I don’t need my moisturizer to smell perfumey, but this one kind of stinks 😀 It’s by no means unbearable, but I would prefer if it had a nicer scent, for sure.

Also, I have to tell you that I did give it to a few of my friends that have sensitive skin that won’t put up with almost any moisturizer, but this one worked for them!

How I use it?
I don’t really use it every day, because I don’t need to. I actually prefer using it at night, because it makes my skin feel super soft in the morning. And I use it every other day, or so. Pretty much when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a kick (which is quite often in the winter). 
Pro-Xylane- a densifying molecule to help skin regain density and hydration 
Proteic Gf- proteins that stimulate cellular communication factors
Dimethicone- a silicon-based polymer used as a lubricant and conditioning agent (it’s not heavy, and I didn’t 
       notice that it clogged my pores)
Palmitic acid- which decreases in aging skin
Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil / Apricot Kernel Oil 
Bran Oil / Rice Bran Oil
Shea butter

Would I recommend this product and who would I recommend it to?

I most definitely would recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with dry skin. I can’t say what it does in terms of firming, but I think it may work quite well.

You can buy it here for £17.65 on sale. Also, if you buy from the FeelUnique site today (March 8), you will get 20% off if you use a code WOMAN20. Make sure to grab this opportunity, because it’s quite a good one! You can’t use the discount on products on sale.
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Have you tried this product? Did you like it? If you didn’t try it, would you like to?

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