Born Pretty Store Makeup Brushes || REVIEW

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, Born Pretty Store has been really generous to me and to my blog. They gave us a coupon code for 10% off the entire purchase, which you still can use and it’s SOMH10. They let me host a giveaway here on my blog, where I gave one person a $40 coupon for their store. And they have been sending me a ton of stuff to test out.

Born Pretty Store Brushes Review Cover

As you may or may not know, I have been using my same old Essence brushes (review here) for ages now, and I really wanted a change. So, when they approached me and told me I could pick something from the store for myself (and not just once), I made it my mission to have every brush they have in store 😀 Not really, but yes 😀

So, let’s start with a set.

Born Pretty Store 10-piece Brush Set

This is a 10-piece face and eyes brush set. It comes with 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. Let’s start with face brushes.

Born Pretty Store 10-piece Brush Set Face

The first is a flat, kind of like a stippling brush. I use this brush to buff my foundation out and I actually think it does an amazing job, and my foundation looks pretty flawless. A great brush, for sure.

The second one is a tapered, very stiff brush, which I use to remove excess powder after baking, and sometimes to blend concealer. It’s nothing special, really, but I do use it and like it, I guess.

The next one is a standard sort of powder brush, but it’s really small, so there’s no point, really, in using this for powder. I used it a few times to apply face primer, and I tried to blend my foundation in with it (the flat one is way better), but I don’t normally reach for that brush often.

Next is an angled blush brush, I guess. I don’t use it a lot, because it’s quite dense, so it picks way too much product for me. I do think it’s a really nice brush, and if I didn’t have the Essence blush brush, I would probably use it and love it.

Angled flat top brush is actually really nice, but it’s a bit too large for me for contouring, and I can’t really find any other use for it. I’ll have to see and test it some more in order to find some use for it 😀

Now for the eye brushes.

Born Pretty Store 10-piece Brush Set Eyes

I actually think that 4 of these are quite similar. I know that they are different shapes, but they are basically all blending brushes, and really soft ones, too. But they are too big to be used as anything else than blending brushes. I really do like them for blending, especially this angled one. Also, every time I do my makeup, I like having a clean blending brush to blend everything out even better and to be more precise 🙂 All of these brushes have a bit uneven bristles, meaning that they are not the same length, but you have some sticking out. I don’t mind, really, though, because they are really nice.

The one brush out of these that really is different is this pointy, kind of pencil brush. I used this to apply liquid bronzer and place it where ever I was going to contour. It was also quite nice for blending concealer. However, after I cleaned it for the first time, it’s bristles came off, but also some went into the handle, so now it’s pretty much useless.

You can get the whole set for $16.97 from the Born Pretty Store here.

Now for the ones I got separately.


I got these three brushes which all seem really usefull, and some innovative, too. However, they are so plasticky and slippery, that I can’t even pick up eyeshadow with it, it just falls off. I did try blending eye primer with these, which works great, but I usually do that with my finger, so I don’t really need those brushes. I would not recommend getting them, really.

And now for 3 brushes I absolutely adore.

The first one I already talked about here. It’s a flat top, flat contouring brush, which is amazingly soft and dense. It picks up the perfect amount of bronzer, and fits perfectly in the hollow place you would normally contour on your cheeks. That’s definitely a find and I recommend everyone to buy it! (It will be included in my giveaway 😉 You can get it from the Born Pretty Store for $2.99 here.

The next brush is also a contouring brush. It is a very small, but perfect, flat angled brush, super soft and fits perfectly on the places I want to contour. I loove using it with my Hoola bronzer. You can find it for $4.40 here.

The last, but not least is a powder brush. I used to have this giant powder brush that was over 20 years old (terrible, I know). But it was quite battered, and didn’t really apply the product well enough. So, when I got this brush, I fell in love with it immediately… You can control how much you’re putting on your face, and it’s so soft, it makes you want to move it around your face all day long. Amazing brush, definitely couldn’t recommend it enough and it will also be included in the giveaway. I couldn’t find the exact same one, I’m afraid, but here is a very similar one for $3.35.

The rest of the brushes I got from a surprise box, which you can find for $2.99 here, which comes with 3 items of their choosing. I think it’s kind of fun, actually. And there is another one for 3.99 (brushes only) here. If you’re interested in other surprise boxes, you can find them here.

In conclusion, I think their face brushes are pretty amazing, but if you don’t have a lot of brushes, you will appreciate their eye brushes, as well 🙂

If you want to get some of these brushes I’ve mentioned, you can go to the Born Pretty Store website and use a 10% off code, which is SOMH10 off everything. They sell literally everything you’ll need for makeup, hair, nails, even home and clothes and accessories, so feel free to check it out and use a code!

Have you tried any of their brushes? Would you like to try some of those I’ve just mentioned? Which one is your favourite?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx