What’s on My Nightstand

Hello everyone!

This is my 100th published post! Yaay!

Today I thought it would be kind of fun to talk about something more personal. I’m not even sure it’s personal, really, but it’s a little piece of my appartment that is never cluttered and that I actually care about 😀 So, I will talk about my nightstand.

Firstly, I would like to ask you something. A company recently contacted me to write for them and I was super thrilled, because it was an opportunity to make some money because of my blog for the first time, so it was super exciting. However, after I sent my first article to them, they said that they wanted me to write in a professional super-polished manner, which kind of upset me. I am not a native English speaker, so I can’t have perfect grammar and perfect writing, but I still think my English is fine. Also, if they found me through my blog, I kind of think they should have known what to expect. When I write here, on my blog, it’s usually my stream of thought, and I don’t really think about grammar or what I’m writing, I just write. It’s my style, I guess. And just to emphasize this- I do not make a lot of money, by no means, by this company. It’s actually a bit embarassing how much they’re paying me, and for them to expect my articles to be professional is just absurd to me. Let me know your thoughts on this, because I’m not sure if I’m actually right about this.

Enough rambling, let’s get onto today’s topic!

A glass of water

To be honest, this is not always on my nightstand, but most of the time it is, because I do get thirsty during the night, especially if I’ve had a little something to drink the night before, if you know what I mean. If there’s no glass on my actual nightstand, there’s probably a water bottle somewhere around my bed 😀


Do you hate having a runny nose or having to sneaze in your bed and having no tissues around? Because I do. That’s why I always have tissues around. They are usually in cute boxes like the one in the picture, but right now, mine’s empty, so I just have regular tissues.

Remote control

I know it’s quite terrible, but I’ve developed this habit of watching TV before going to sleep. If I’m not sleepy, but I did everything I planned for that day, I’ll go to bed and watch TV until I’m sleepy and then fall asleep right away. I know it’s not healthy, but what can I do.


This lamp is the coolest thing, by far, on my nightstand. It’s a silver, wire lamp that turns on if you tap on it. It has 3 different intensity settings, so you can tap 3 times, depending on how light you want it to be and then tap the fourth time to turn it off. Pretty cool, right?

A pen and a notebook

Another habit I have before going to sleep is scrolling through Pinterest (you can follow me here :D). So, when I find a super cool idea that I don’t want to forget about, I will write it down, because, let’s be real, I never go back to my pins, unless I actually know what I’m looking for 😀

Hair tie

There is absolutely no reason behind this one. I don’t keep it there because I need or want it there. I usually wear a pony tail (not sure why), so when I go to sleep, I just take my hair tie out and put it on the nightstand.


If you have an iPhone, you always have a charger with you (or have multiple ones on multiple places), so of course I have mine by my bed. My phone is actually driving me crazy, and now it’s getting even worse 😀 I plug it in at night when it’s around 20% or less, it starts charging, charges to 99% and then the battery just starts getting more and more empty, so when I wake up it’s usually around 50% and dropping. So, I have to plug it out, plug it back in and wait for it to charge back. First world problems, right?

Body lotion

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’m soooo lazy when it comes to applying body lotion. So, I keep it next to my bed, and try to apply it each day before going to sleep. I’m really getting better at it, but not quite there yet. I hate waiting for it to absorb, really 😀 The one I’m using right now is Dirty Works Bye Bye Dry Body Butter Light, which I bought in London (but didn’t haul) and even though the pump broke in my luggage, the actual product I adore and I’m so sad that I won’t be able to repurchase once I use it up!

Hand cream

This is another ‘resolution’ I wanted to achieve this year- moisturizing my hands. This one actually grew on me and I actually do this most days of the week. Hand Food by Soap&Glory made it so much easier for me, though. God this is good! And the smell is absolutely amazing! Do you love Soap&Glory scent and products? The other thing I love about it is the fact that it absorbs so quickly and makes my hands super nice and soft! Another product I’m so sad to use up.

Lip balm

I hate the dry lips feeling, so this is something I’ve been keeping on my bedside table for ages now. I don’t use it every night, because my lips are not always dry, but I do like having it around and using it when needed. This one is sooo good, but I can’t find it anymore. I’ve had this for ages. It’s by Pyrus, which is a natural cosmetics brand and it’s made with honey and bees’ wax, if I remember correctly. If anyone knows where to get it, let me know!

I do have some more bits and bobs on it, like my pills, but I guess that’s not something you would post on your blog, or is it? But I decided not to.
Btw, do I have the ugliest carpet ever, or what? 😀

And that’s it for the things I keep on my nightstand. What’s on yours? What should I add on mine? Do I have too many things? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx