Tips and Tricks for a Worry-Free Prom

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Most of you know that I’ve been writing for a certain company, and that they were kind of weird about it, saying I have to change my style of writing and paying me sooo miserably that I don’t even want to tell you how much I got per article 😀 Basically, I’m sick and tired of writing about dresses. However, this article I actually made an effort to write, and I really did my research and tried to think a few years back to see what I wish I had known back then. So here are my tips, and the full on copy-paste of the article (is that a violation of rights? 😀 ) Okay, I’ll change it up a teeny tiny bit… Not enough for it to be unrecognisable… I did write it and they did not give me any credit, as far as I know. Here we go:

Prom is probably one of the most exciting events if you are a teenager. Preparing for prom and getting everything ready and putting your outfit together can be stressful. That is why I prepared this guide for you and I hope you have an amazing prom (or a trip down the memory lane)!

Prom Dresses

First of all, I would like to talk about the length of the dresses. If you are short, I would recommend getting a shorter dress, because a long dress can make you visually even shorter. Something like this Light Blue Lace, Tulle Halter Short PromDress could be very cute.

Prom Tips Tricks

Another option is A-lineStrapless Sweetheart Tulle Empire Sleeveless Daffodil Short/Mini PromDress, which is a very cute and breezy dress.

However, if you really don’t want a short dress, I would recommend getting a long dress, but something like this New 2015 Long Elegant Prom Dress, where you can see the legs, so it does not make you look as short. It is a very elegant dress, even though it’s quite revealing, but it is by no means vulgar.

However, if you are tall, you can go with long dresses, such as this Chiffon A-lineOne-shoulder Sleeveless Floor-length Prom Dress. This is a very fun and colorful dress. It is asymmetric, bright and still very breezy and easy to move around in.




If you want something more elegant, then this Light Coral Sweetheart Long Chiffon PromDress would be perfect for you. The rhinestones give it a very elegant touch, and it’s a very subtle color, which makes it the perfect option for prom.


Handbags and shoes

You are not sure how to pair shoes and your handbag? If your dress is short, I would definitely match the shoes and the handbag, or at least try to find a close match in color. It is not crucial, because your handbag will probably end up at your table, not with you on the dance floor, but if you want to look really put together, I would definitely go with the same color. If your dress is bright, you, generally, can’t go wrong with nudes, and if you’re going for a very elegant option, you may want to go with black.

Picture source

I would recommend not wearing too high heels, since after a night of dancing your feet will be covered in blisters. Try and walk around in them and see what’s comfortable. Or, get a spare pair to change into later in the evening.

Picture source


For the handbag, I would probably go with a clutch, since it’s the most elegant option, everything you’ll need fits in it and you won’t have to carry a giant bag with you all the time.


Makeup, again, depends on the dress you’re wearing. Nude is always a safe option and you can’t go wrong with it (yes, I said it, shoot me! It is true, and I’m aware of it). I would probably steer clear of a too bold smoky eyes look, because it can distract people from noticing your gorgeous dress! If the dress you’re wearing is very bold and colorful, sticking to a nude makeup look is your best option. If, however, your dress is nude, or a more subtle color, you can play with colors on your eyes. Something like this rainbow makeup look is worth a try (shameless self promo, haha, but we’ll see if they include it in the actual article. It’s not out yet, btw).

Picture source

Now, if that is a bit too much for you, or your dress is a solid colour, you can play with the colour of your dress, or some complementary colour, like my latest makeup look, which was oranges, reds and pinks. It’s basically a warm tone nude makeup look, and it can work with many different outfits.

Picture source

I hope I’ve helped you a little bit in deciding what to wear (and how to wear it) on your prom and I hope you have the best time of your life, looking fabulous!


Oh, lord, did I have a hair disaster. I didn’t want to admit how much I actually hated it, but after it was done all I really wanted to do is cry. So, my hairstylist has been the same one ever since I was born, and she never did a bad thing to my hair (except if it was my own choice 😀 and there have been many of those). So, of course I would go to her for my prom and trust that she would do the best job. I had a photo of the hairstyle I wanted, yup, I found it for you 😀

I have no idea where this one is from, I’ve had it on my computer since the prom 😀

I got the little flowers, I’ve been growing my hair up until then… it was going to be perfect. Haha, no! I looked as if I had a puff on my head. Nothing was tight, at the middle of my head the braid was about an inch in the air, it all felt very loose, and it DID NOT look like this picture. Moral of the story- go for trials, or do it yourself, so you will have no one to blame 😀


Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you don’t mind I copy-pasted my own text here 😀 My mid-terms are now over, and once something like that is off my chest, I start feeling a bit sick 😀 And this time it’s no exception. I’ve been in bed most of the time, so I didn’t really feel like writing an entire article from scratch, and the prom season is fast approaching.

Do you have any tips for prom? If you already had yours, did you have any disasters? What was your dress and makeup like?

*All the pictures in this post are from, unless stated otherwise and this is a semi-sponsored post 😀

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