SilverCrest Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush || REVIEW

Hello everyone!

Today is my first blogiversary (is that how you say it?)! Not since my first post, actually, since I did post on several occasions ever since 2013, but one year since I started posting each week. I feel like the time flew right by me. It feels like it was yesterday when I sat at my computer, wrote a post each week only to get 1 view per post. I would love to thank everyone who supported me through this year! It has been an amazing year, I have met so many cool people, so many beautiful girls who inspire me and support me, so thank you! For every pageview, every comment, every like, every follow! It means the world. Being able to have a hobby like this truly is a blessing! That’s why a few ‘improvements’ and very exciting news are right around the corner, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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Onto our today’s topic.

I got this brush for Christmas, but I didn’t show it in my Christmas haul, because I didn’t have it, yet 😀 (See Christmas haul here). So, I’ve had plenty time to test it and see if I like it.

First, let me tell you about the brush itself.

SilverCrest claim: The brush is used for gentle peeling. It is supposed to give a revitalising and relaxing facial cleansing and it can be used to remove makeup. It is important to know that this brush is not rotating, but that it only vibrates. By using this product, skincare products can be absorbed better, the blood flow is improved and the result is a smoother and more beautiful complexion.


What do you get: This brush comes with the device, of course, 3 brush attachments, a charger and a little plastic travel container.Attachments: The device comes with 3 brush attachments. Two of them are pink, which are for normal and insensitive skin types. These should be used on large areas and it is suitable for normal to greasy skin. The third attachment is white, and it is the sensitive brush attachment. It is suited for sensitive skin, offers a gentle and thorough cleansing and is ideal for use with skincare products.

Recommended use: The device can be used daily. It is recommended to use it 15 sec on forehead, 15 on the nose and chin together, and 15 for each cheek. I, personally, use it a bit more than that (I know that, because it turns off after one minute, and you have to turn it back on). Since the device has an enclosed design, it can be used in the shower, which is how I use it most of the time.

Settings: This device has 4 different settings, which you can change by pressing on/off button a certain amount of times.
Press once: gentle cleansing (the light is green)- this is slow vibration, and you can incorporate
skincare products with this setting
Press twice: deep cleansing (the light is blue)- fast vibration for effective peeling, great for use
with a cleansing gel
Press three times: gentle massage (the light flashes green)- slow pulsating movements, for opening
up the pores, deep cleansing and incorporation of skincare products
Press four times: deep massage (the light flashes blue)- fast pulsating movements, for opening
up the pores, deep cleansing and incorporation of skincare products
Press five times: switch off the device

How and when do I use it: I use this device about once or twice a week, usually a day after wearing makeup, to remove all the residue. I love using it with Garnier Fruit Energy Peeling-gel, even though it’s a gentle exfoliating gel, but I really want to use it up, since it does nothing for me when I use it just with my hands (yup, I’m still not a fan). I like to use it on my neck, too, and I really did notice some improvements.

What it did for me: I noticed my blackheads are now only occasional, with the exception of my nose, which is always a critical spot for me, but it has improved, too, I think. I don’t really break out anymore, and even though I do believe it’s because of the vibrating, I think it’s also because there’s no way any makeup is left on my face after using this brush. Also, I never really exfoliated my face, besides my other Garnier product(Garnier Skin Naturals PureActive Intensive Exfobrusher Spot Fight), which you can see in my Skincare routine here, and now it feels much smoother and softer.

What I don’t like about it: The only thing I don’t like about it, and I’m sure you’ll be able to guess this, is cleaning it. The brush is kind of hard to remove from the device, so I don’t do that 😀 You’re supposed to put it in some hot water and wash it with some gentle soap and let it air dry. Who has time for that? What I do (is bad) is, after cleaning my face, I wash it with warm water, make sure everything is nice and clean, dry it just a tiny bit with a towel and then let it air dry. And I do it each and every time, can you imagine that? 😀 Kudos to me 😀

Would I recommend this?: Yes. Especially if you’ve been eyeing all those expensive sonic facial cleansing brushes, but you’re not sure if they would work for you or if you’d actually like them. This one is just a fragment of their price and I know you can find it in Lidl (not sure where else they hold SilverCrest products) for about £20, or under $30, which is quite a bargain, right? I am not sure how sensitive skin would react to this, or even if you have acne, since it can be quite harsh, but there is a sensitive skin attachment, so I don’t think you should worry. I think it’s definitely worth a try if you can get your hands on it!

Another awesome thing about this product is that I charged it only once since I started using it! (Okay, if you don’t think about the initial charge, then it’s two times). This thing has the best battery ever… It’s probably good for at least 15-20 uses…

What do you think of this product? Have you heard of it? Would you get it yourself?

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx