My Shopping List #2

My Shopping List #2

Hello everyone!

My Shopping List #2

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Not so long ago, I wrote my first shopping list post, and I actually thought it was kind of fun. So, I decided to do it again, since I have some gift cards to use, and really need help with picking out stuff to buy. I know what types of products I would like to buy, if you know what I mean, but I’m not sure which products exactly to buy. So I will tell you the categories of the products I need, and I would really love to hear about products you love and you’d recommend for me.

I will say, though, I want all, or most of the products, to be drugstore.


I didn’t really use a cleanser before, but I really started to use it when I started to use my cleansing brush (review here). Now I’m almost out of it, and need a new one, but I would really like to try something new, since I’m not really impressed with my old one.


I would love to find a nice, pinky blush for spring and summer. I have an Essence one, but that’s just a little bit too pale for me, so I would really like to find something new.


Again, I own a highlighter by Essence, which is cream-to-powder formula, but I’m not the biggest fan of it, and I would really love to find a nice, drugstore, powder highlighter.


If you’ve been around for a while, you know I love my Alverde eyeliner (you can enter a giveaway to win it here), but I think it’s time that I try something new. Something smudge-proof and fool-proof, to be exact 😀


A while ago I bought a Catrice Prime and Fine face primer, but I don’t really see any difference when I use it. I would like to try a nice pore filling primer from the drugstore.

Brow pencil

My brows are quite light and a bit unruly. I’ve been using Essence brow style kit for ages now, and I think it’s time to step up my brow game.

Brow gel

Same goes for the brow gel, I really need something for my brows to stay in place, and I’ve heard good things about Essence’s brow gel.


This will probably sound a bit odd, since I love doing makeup, but I never actually owned an undereye concealer. I need something light and something that will not be cakey under my eyes to brighten up the area.


I know some of the hair freaks here will say I’m crazy 😀 but I actually heard that combing your hair after applying conditioner improves hair growth. I’ve been really stuggling with growing my hair out, so I really want to find something to help me with that. I will go for a wide-tooth comb, so that I decrease the damage as much as possible.

Hair care

I am running out of my hair care products, so I want to find something nice to help with hair strength, hair falling and hair damage.


And that’s it for this post. I really hope to hear all of your suggestions and find the best products out there! Is there something else you’d add to my list? Something you think I have to try?

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Thank you for reading!

See you soon xx