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Hello everyone!

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If you’ve seen my shopping list post (click to see it here), you knew this was going to happen 😀 I went on a little shopping spree yesterday with a friend of mine (thank you for coming with me 😉 and we had some real quality time with makeup and beauty products 😀 I think this is probably my favourite haul ever, because there are so many new things (meaning things I’ve never ever tried) that I’m super excited about, so, of course, I wanted to share everything I got with you!

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Birthday gift

This is actually a part of my birthday haul, and I actually took this photo on a different surface, because I was hurrying to get under the shower, and yes, I wanted to use the mask 😀 I got it from a friend of mine a few days ago and I love it so much I had to include it.

So here we have my favourite mask by Balea (even though I think it’s not exactly the same as the little pyramid one, but it was still amazing). It’s the Balea hair mask with peach and coconut for damaged and dry hair.

There is also an Essence nail polish (you can never go wrong with buying me a nail polish, especially when it’s such a gorgeous colour!) in 67 love me like you do (really, Essence? :D). If you want to see it on my nails, check out my Instagram photo here!


Next we have some body products, which were also a gift from another friend for my birthday from two days ago. One more thing from her gift will be a bit lower in this post and she also got me some lingerie, but I didn’t think I had to show it here 😀

First we have a Fa Dry Protect Cotton Mist deodorant. You know I’m always on the hunt for a good deodorant, so I can’t wait to try that one out.

Next is Fa Coconut Milk Shower Cream, which doesn’t actually smell as strongly of coconuts as I expected, so I think I’ll enjoy it very much after I use my current shower gel up.


Now we get to things I actually bought!

First is my Eveline Cosmetics Hydra impact formula Moisture & Nourishment Day Cream. I have such a hard time with my moisturizers. I keep finding great ones, and they keep discontinuing them 😀 This is a new favourite of mine, and I hope I won’t be needing to find a new one any time soon. I have the night version as well, and this is by far the best smelling moisturizer of all times and it makes my skin super nice and soft! I got it in Müller for less than $4.

Then I got an Eveline Cosmetics Hydra impact formula facial wash, which is from the same range, smells equally delicious, and I can’t wait to test it out. I do have to use up my Garnier first, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist 😀 I got it also in Müller for the same price: around $4 (which I see now on the receipt, I was quite sure I paid more :D)

Last in this category is Ziaja hand cream with ceramides lipid concentrate for nourishing and regenerating. I didn’t actually get it myself, but my mom bought two this past weekend and gave me one. It was 1+1 free and they were under $2! Yes, for 2 hand creams! And it seems really nice so far.


Now for the really exciting part! Hair care!

The first two products are by La Croa, which is (obviously) a Croatian brand specialized for hair care and it’s a fairly new company. This will be the first time I’m trying their products, and I will definitely make sure to write a review on them once I’ve tested them out 🙂

The first product is La Croa Argan Macadamia Oil, which is a nourishing hair oil. It should be used on wet hair after washing, without rinsing, but I couldn’t resist and had to put some on my hair right away 😀 And I love how it smells. I will definitely be playing with it a lot more! I got it in Müller for a bit over $5 and it’s a 20ml / 0.68 fl oz (not a lot :D)

The next product is La Croa Argan Macadamia Oil nourishing hair mask. This I haven’t tried just yet, but you’ll hear from me as soon as I do try it 🙂 It’s from Müller for about $2 and it’s 25ml / 0.85 fl oz, so I’ll probably be able to get two uses out of it.

The last product from the hair care category (not really, but okay) is L’Oreal Paris Elseve Arganine resist x3 reinforcing conditioner for fragile hair with tendency to fall. You may or may not know, but I’ve been using L’Oreal Elseve shampoo and conditioner for ages now, and when I saw that a new one arrived to our drugstores, I knew I had to try it. Especially because it’s for hair with tendency to fall, which is exactly what my hair’s been lately. It’s a 200ml bottle and it was just under $3 in DM.


Now we get to the real deal 😀 These are some of the products I’m most excited about, and especially one of them (maybe you can guess which one it is?). I can’t wait to play with these and review them 🙂

The first thing is L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze self-tanning wipes. I’ve heard about the concept, but I’ve never tried anything like it. I am sooo excited to see if it actually works, because I’m super white and I would love for my legs to have a bit of a glow. I will definitely let you know how and if it worked! I got it in Müller for just over $2 for a pack of 2 🙂

The second thing is a face mask by Afrodita, which you probably know I love. It’s a hydrating mask, because I feel like that’s what I need the most lately. It’s called Why Mask Extreme Hydration with 100% natural hyaluron. I’m excited to see if it performs as well as other Afrodita products. I got it in Müller for around $2.

Next is another face mask, which I thought was super funny 😀 It’s a $1 mask from Müller, which claims to contain gold, caviar, champaigne and pearls. It’s a hydrating mask for all skin types, so we’ll see how it goes. And it’s a pack of 2.

The last thing in this category is a comb that I will be using in the shower to distribute conditioner more evenly. I’ve heard it helps with hair growth, so why not test it out. I got it in DM for around $2.


And now, what we’ve all been waiting for- makeup!

The first thing is that other part of my birthday gift from a friend and it’s this gorgeous purple eyeshadow by Manhattan called Intense Effect eyeshadow in number 3.

Next, I got a Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint in 64M Berlin Berry. Supposedly, Manhattan will no longer be available in Croatia (or maybe anywhere), so they had these on sale in Müller for around $2.5 and I loved this colour so much that I had to buy it. However, it’s not that colour at all, so don’t let it fool you 😀 It’s that colour first thing you apply it, but it soon turns into a very nice berry colour, hence the name. Even though I do love the colour, and I think it’s quite long lasting, actually, I really wanted the colour that’s on the tube 😀

Last thing here is a blush. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m always fooled by those crazy lights in the drugstore. This blush seemed A LOT lighter than it actually is. Luckily, I like the colour, and I think I’ll actually be able to pull it of in the summer. It’s a Wet’n’Wild blush in Heather Silk and it was a bit under $5 in DM (is W’n’W the same price where you’re from? I actually think it’s cheaper elsewhere. Also, it’s available in only a few DM stores here).


This is the last category, I swear, but it’s probably the most exciting for me, because I’ve never tried these types of products yet (except for the brow gel).

First is Maybelline Brow Satin duo brow pencil and filling powder in Dark Blonde. I got it in Müller for around $4.5. I really wanted a Nyx one, but the store closed and we didn’t make it in time, and it’s actually quite expensive here, so when my friend told me she liked that one, I decided to give it a go. I had to put it on immediately, and the colour works for me, it’s quite easy to use and I like it so far. I’ll tell you more about it soon!

Next we have an Essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara. My eyebrows are really unruly and I do own a sample of the Benefit Gimme Brow, but I wanted something to use after I use that one up, and lovely Shireen from Reflection of Sanity suggested that one and it’s just around $3, so of course I had to get it!

The last thing is concealer. I got an Essence all about matt high covering concealer in 05 matt ivory. I really wanted to get a Catrice liquid camouflage, but I thought I wouldn’t find it, so I got that one. Of course I found it later on, but I hope this one will work, too. I’ve never owned a product like that, and I really wanted something to brighten up my undereye area, so let’s hope it works! I bought it in DM for a bit over $2.


The things I didn’t end up buying are a highlighter (those are sooo hard to find here. And the ones I could find were either ugly or $20+, which was not an option at the moment), an eyeliner (I wanted to try something new, but I realized I don’t really need an eyeliner at the moment, so I decided to get something else instead and buy an eyeliner some other time) and a primer (I was positive Maybelline’s Baby Skin was available in Croatia. Guess what? It’s not. I couldn’t find it anywhere and supposedly they don’t sell it in Croatia “yet”. I was bummed.).

I really appreciate all of your suggestions, including Anna’s from Linda Libra Loca, Mili from Sharmtoaster, Kim from A Very Sweet Blog, and Shanel (I hope I got your name right) from Babbling On. I am sorry I didn’t get what you guys suggested, but things were either too expensive for me, or I couldn’t find them. But as I get more money to spend on makeup, I will definitely try some more of those products 😀


I am more than happy with what I got and I can’t wait to start using these products and to let you know what my thoughts on them are.

Do you own any of these products? Which ones do you like? Which ones don’t you like? Which products would you like me to review first?


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This post is also available in Croatian here!


Thank you for reading!

See you soon xx