BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING

BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING

Hello everyone!

Today I have a new exciting post for you. Well, it’s kind of more exciting for me, than for you, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it.

BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING

If you remember a while ago, I wrote about’s beauty box, and I was quite disappointed. And you guys told me I was right to be disappointed, too. Well, this time, I didn’t buy this box, but I decided to try and contact the most recent beauty box (called BeautyBox) founders and ask them if they’d like me to talk about their product.

They agreed (not because of my stats, which didn’t impress them, but because they liked me, they said :D) and it just got in the mail, so I had to open it, take a few photos of it and write all about it 🙂

You can find BeautyBox on their website here. The price is, like most of the boxes here in Croatia, around $15. If you subscribe for 3/6/12 months, you save some money accordingly.

The box I got is for July/August. Maybe that’s the reason why it contains quite a lot of products, but maybe this will continue in September. This is only their second box, so it’s hard to tell. It containes 3 full size products, 3 travel sizes, 4 samples, a makeup bag and some fake flowers 😀

The box

BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING

The box has quite an interesting concept. It’s not a standard box that every subscription service like that has. Most of those boxes are usually really nice, but they are not very convenient. This one, however, is made as a drawer, so you can keep your goodies in it. Plus, if you put these boxes on top of one another, they fit perfectly, and you get a little drawer unit. How cool is that?

Full size

BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING full size products

In this group of products, we have an Apipro oral, which is a spray for mouth. It soothes an inflamed throat and reduces oral cavity irritation. It comes in a 20 ml spray bottle and it retails for around $9. Even though this is quite useful, I don’t really think this belongs in a beauty box 😀 You could have gotten a propolis and vitamin C immunity capsules or a damaged skin treatment instead of this spray. I would have prefered the capsules, but this will definitely be used once the winter months arrive.

Next is an Anti-Cellulite Gel by Nikel, with Ivy, for body shaping and cellulite reduction. This is a Croatian product, and I’ve never tried anything from them before. This is what I think these boxes should be all about. Introducing you to products available near you, maybe made in your own country, that are new and worth a try. This retails for around $18. You could have gotten an anti-cellulite oil or anti-cellulite concentrate instead of this gel, all by the same company.

The last thing I would be soooo excited for, if I didn’t buy a pencil in the same exact colour, by another brand, just a month ago. I love green, I love green on my eyes and, unfortunately, I needed a pencil like that, for a wedding I attended. You can see my look here. Anyways, this is a waterproof eyeliner pencil by Yves Rocher in 03 Vert. I still think it’s gorgeous, and it is a waterproof version, so I’ll try and use both, maybe(?) 😀 It retails for around $7.50.

Travel size

These are actually even more exciting to me, to be honest 😀

BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING travel size products

The first is L’Erbolario makeup bag containing a shower gel Indian Jasmine. This makeup bag is absolutely the cutest one I’ve got. It’s perfect for carrying in your purse, because it’s not too small, like they can be, and it’s not too big. I am definitely keeping this. The shower gel smells divine, and as soon as I use up all the shower gels I’ve opened (there’s a lot of those :D) I will start using this one. The full size of this shower gel is 250 ml and retails for around $13, and this is 75 ml + a cosmetic bag.

The second one is Nivea Creme care cleansing cream. This is a 20 ml tube, and the full size contains 150 ml and retails for around $6.5. I am excited to try this, because I’m in need of a good cleanser. Especially the one that will work in combination with my SilverCrest cleansing brush (review here).

Next is Cucumber Eye Gel by Eminence. Ever since I got back from London in February (more about my trip here), I’ve fallen in love with eye creams. That’s why I’m kind of embarrased to say that this is probably my favourite thing in the whole BeautyBox 😀 It’s a sample size, yes, but you don’t use a lot of it. It will probably last me a few weeks. Plus, I’ve found this very same sample for $9 here. It must be good, right?

Last thing here is a Cowshed Grumpy Cow soap. It says on the little pamphlet you get that this is a full size, but full size is supposed to be 160 g, and I actually measured mine 😀 and it was 40 g. Not sure what that’s all about. The soap didn’t come in any sort of packagng, so it was all over everything in the box, which is kind of annoying, but what ever. Full size retails for around $15.


BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING samples

First we have another Eminence product. It’s a Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer for normal to dry, mature or hormonally imbalanced skin types. I’m still not sure if I’m going to try it myself, or just give it to mom, but it’s such a small pack that I probably won’t be able to tell what it does.

Last 4 samples are from Ziaja, and they are a day cream, night cream, body lotion and a shower soap. I will definitely give those a go, since my very good blogging friend Kay from ShoesAndGlitter told me she loved that brand 🙂

The last thing in the box are fake flowers, which is kind of weird 😀 But I guess I’ll try to use them as props in my photos.

Final thoughts

BeautyBox July/August || UNBOXING fake flowers

I don’t think the previous box I got can even be compared to this one. This BeautyBox is better on so many levels. Not one brand, except for Nivea, which is a travel size, is very common, or something you see wherever you look. I don’t own these brands, and I’m very happy to be able to try them and see if I like them. I am probably going to order this box again, after I see how the next one looks 🙂 If I do get one again, I will make sure to let you know xx

What do you think about this BeautyBox? Would you be happy if you paid $15 and got this? What is your favourite thing in the box?

*This post contains PR samples

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x