Wedding Guest Outfit || OOTD

Wedding guest outfit makeup

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while (again), but now I’m back and ready to write again! I know I haven’t been commenting on your blogs, I will take some time to do that tomorrow and the day after, and comment on as much of your posts I missed as possible. The vacation is over, and now it’s time to get back to business, studying, writing, writing my thesis and everything that means that summer is over for me.

It sucks, to be honest 😀 But I will have a chance to go back to the seaside for a few more days, so that’s comforting 😀

Now, onto today’s topic. I am going to talk about an outfit I wore to a wedding I went to on July 4th.

I love weddings. I love seeing people happy, I love dancing and most of all… I love the food 😀 Which is always pretty much amazing at Croatian weddings. This wedding was no exception. But we’re here about the outfit.

Wedding guest outfit

You may recognize the dress. I wrote about it when I ordered it from and you can see that post here. It was an under the knee lenghth camel dress, with short sleeves, no neckline. Pretty much a plain, tight, a bit too long dress. When it arrived, I wasn’t impressed as I thought I would be, so I decided to get it re-tailored. Now it was above the knee and tighter on the back, which looked a bit weird when I got it. I was finally happy with the dress.

Yes, I do realize my tummy is kind of visible, but I didn’t care. At all. And I was definitely not going to wear spanx at 100 degrees.

The shoes I ended up wearing were flats. I did buy some heels for the occasion, but my feet kept on sliding forward, which totally bugged me, so I changed to flats and didn’t regret it for a second 😀

Wedding guest outfit accessories

Then I had to decide on the accessories, and so I bought an orange, hand made, beautiful necklace, that went great with the dress and wasn’t too out there. After I had the necklace, I knew I had to add another colour, because it would all be a bit too plain. I decided to go with green.

I had a green bracelet, and I added some green to my eyes and nails.

short bob wigs

For my eyes I used the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette (review here), and an eyeliner pencil from Misslyn called intense color liner in 141 evergreen. I will definitely do a review, because it’s one of the best drugstore products I’ve tried.

I used a Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup SPF 25 PA+++ (review here) on my face, and I’ve used it for the first time in a few months, and I still love it just as much! I am definitely buying a full size.

I went for a flowy, fun look that is bright, but elegant at the same time. I did the same with my hair with a curling iron and a lot of hair spray 😀

Wedding guest outfit nail art

Finally, the nails, which you’ve already seen a tutorial for here. I went for a colorful design that would still match the rest of the look. I think I did quite a nice job with the nails and I definitely encourage you to try the nail art yourself!

And that’s it for my wedding guest outfit!

Do you like my wedding guest outfit? Would you match the colours like I did? Do you mind a little tummy showing?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon xx