Why I Don’t Take Every Blogging Opportunity that Comes My Way (and Neither Should You)

Why I don't take every blogging opportunity that comes my way

Hello everyone!

Why I don't take every blogging opportunity that comes my way

So, ever since I got my self-hosted domain, I get a few opportunities to write sponsored posts here and there. However, you may have noticed that I haven’t written as much. I actually wrote 6 of those, only one of which was on this blog. Other ones were on companies’ blogs. It was all within a week, including my Cocomelody wedding dresses post. Since then, I haven’t written any of those, and I’m about to tell you why.

Why I don't take every blogging opportunity that comes my way

I actually decided to write this post because of an email I got today. I am not saying any names, but it was a fashion store which is not exactly all the crappy stuff we’re used to seeing on Chinese sites (not saying all of those are bad, either). Their prices were on the pricier side, too. They offered me a long-term business relationship and asked for my prices.

I thought about it for a while, thought it was a great blogging opportunity and decided to go with $20-$40 depending on the length of the article they wanted me to write. However, I said I needed something from their store to try out, since I wasn’t going to write a great review of a store if I haven’t had any kind of experience with them.

Their reply was something along the lines of… we can’t do $20, how about $10? Ooooh hell, no!

I went all rage on them and said I would do $17 if, and only if, that meant more items in the PR samples.

I’m not sure if you know how PayPal functions, but if someone pays you $10, you get around $9, since it has its fees. I am not going to write for someone for $9, been there, done that, not fun!

They said fine! They’re willing to go with $17 (meaning I’d get about $15). SENT me all of the information about the company. TOLD me how the post should look like. TOLD me where to post it and with which hashtags. AND told me to let them know when the post is up with my PayPal email, so that they can pay me.

Sorry, WHAT?

I think I wrote at least 3 times I wasn’t going to write anything, before I get a chance to try out their products, as well as see how their services go. Also, if I was going to write for such a small amount of money, I said I wanted even more than just one sample, and they end up blowing me off on that and saying to “let them know when it’s public”??

To say the least, I didn’t take the job, and I am not writing the article, unless they actually end up sending me their products. Also, I am not taking lousy opportunities like that in the future, either, and neither should you, and here is why:

1. It is your time and energy

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a post. You have to take all the photos and make them more appealing, if you know what I mean. You have to write the actual article, proofread it and organize it. You have to do the SEO for the article. You have to post it on all of your social media.

Why I don't take every blogging opportunity that comes my way

Yes, I do realize you do this because you love it, but why would you do someone a favor, and do a whole advertisement for them if you have something you really want to write about, even if it’s for free.

2. Companies pay a lot of money for placing ads

They do. And what you are doing, if you are writing an article for a company is just that: an ad! Do you think they negotiate with television, Google, newspapers or wherever they place their ads about the price? I don’t think so.

It is a way for them to reach new buyers, and it shouldn’t be cheap. Especially if their products aren’t.

3. Tell them what you can offer

Do you have a self-hosted domain? Do you use a professional camera? Do you use a commercial softvare for photography? It all costs money. Which means that you should have to be able to pay it off using opportunities like this. Why would you use your space for them, and not have anything good come out of it. Maybe you’ll be able to pay monthly rate of internet, maybe not even that.

But know what your blog is worth, and stick to it. Don’t underestimate your blog, or yourself!

4. Denying other bloggers the right to set their prices higher

Having a big blog has its perks, but it comes with higher prices, of course. So, it’s not fair for smaller blogs (or even blogs in general) to accept opportunities for amounts as low as $10, because then companies will never want to pay more. They will always be able to find someone who will do it for less.

Why I don't take every blogging opportunity that comes my way

Again, value yourself and your work!

5. Accept free perks

It’s okay to write about a product that you got for free! I am not saying that every post should be a paid post, and getting free stuff, especially as a beauty and fashion blogger, is very fun! But you should know when to end it. If your posts start becoming all PR samples, and nothing you actually bought and love, your audience will probably not value your opinions, since, as you know, those can be bought 😀

Be honest about what you love, and what you hate. Even if a company did send you a PR sample, it doesn’t mean you have to say it’s the best product in the world.

Final thoughts

Why I don't take every blogging opportunity that comes my way

To sum up, value your knowledge, in whatever niche you are. If you can, take the blogging opportunity, but! Be aware that ads aren’t free, or cheap! Be aware that you are spending your money on this blog, and it should pay off with these kinds of opportunities. So either don’t take them at all, or take the ones that are going to help you financially. Take the perks if they are offered to you. And most importantly: Always (!) be honest with your audience, or else it shows 😉


Do you have any advice on this topic? Have you had any blogging opportunities? Have you turned any of them down? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!

See you soon xx

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