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Hello everyone!

Foil packets to use up

Today I have a post for you that I’ve never done before, but I thought it might be interesting.

To be honest, I’m not sure what people have against foil packets. I actually love them, because that way I know which products I like, and I usually do buy a full size if I do like the foil packet.

So, some of these little samples piled up on me, so I decided it was time to use them all up, and a post like this will probably help me do that. Some are multiples of the same products, some are face products, some are body products, but they all need to be used up.


Foil packets to use up Vichy

You may remember my Vichy Neovadiol Gf face cream for dry skin review. If you don’t, my boyfriend’s mother gave a bunch of these to me. I gave a bunch to my friends, I featured some in my Huge celebration giveaway (which is no longer open), I gave some to my mom, and I still have 5 of them left. I actually really love this cream, and this is one of the things I would love to buy in full size. The smell is not too appealing, but it makes my skin super hydrated and smooth.


Foil packets to use up Melem

Melem is a Croatian brand that I support as much as I can! It was also featured in my giveaway, I use it for my lips (in a little container), I use these little packs for my hands and I love it! It’s in a very thick and greasy formula, which is awesome for lips, but it’s also amazing for my hands, especially right before I go to bed. It actually does do wonders, and I will probably keep including it in my giveaways. (Check out my Croatian post on this topic to see how to get your free samples. It will be up later today or tomorrow.) I have 4 of these to use up.

La Roche-Posay

Foil packets to use up La Roche-Posay

I don’t think I’ve ever used any La Roche-Posay products so far. However, I’ve heard a lot good things about their products. I got these in my S-box yesterday (check out my Instagram post to see what else I got, and what S-box is). I can’t say if I like these, but I will try and keep you updated. Here I have: 1 La Roche-Posay Effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin, 1 La Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo (+) corrective unclogging care (which I’m not sure what it is), 1 La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Creme in light with SPF 20, and 2 La Roche-Posay Hydreane riche thermal spring water cream for sensitive skin (even though I said I have normal skin, not sure what happened there).


Foil packets to use up Afrodita

Now, you also may know that I love Afrodita. They are this amazing brand from Slovenia (a country next to Croatia), they have amazing products (I love their shower gels), they have no problem with giving out samples and I’m pretty sure they’re cruelty free (don’t take my word for it though, but I’m pretty sure they are). They send me free samples whenever I ask for some, especially when new products come up, and I asked them if they would like to send me some for my giveaway, since I knew someone from outside of our region would win it.

Long story short, they sent a whole bunch, and I kept just a few of them for me and my friends, since there were so many. I still have: 1 Afrodita Hydra Thermal natural mineral water + hyaluronic acid cream and 2 Afrodita Hydra Thermal natural mineral water + hyaluronic acid eye creams to use up.


Foil packets to use up Schaebens

Schaebens. Yes. This is a love-hate relationship. You may remember me talking about one of these products in my most recent Empties post. Well, I’ve only tried their face masks (I’m not sure what else do they make), and some I like quite a bit, and some… well, not so much. The first is half of their Strawberry Peeling Mask (I used up the other half). A friend told me to try it, and it really is quite nice. It exfoliates without being to harsh, and it works. Nothing bad to say. Are there better masks out there? Yes! Are they $1 for a pack of two? No! Is this one? Yes! ‘Nuff said.

HOWEVER, their Luxus Maske with gold, champaigne, caviar, oysters and what not… Ehhh, where do I start? First of all, how can a mask containing all these things be $1 for a pack of 2? Unfortunately, I threw away the other half of the packaging, so I can’t see the ingredients, but it doesn’t make any sense. Any. Whatsoever. Second of all, it’s not good 😀 It’s weird on the face, it does nothing and it smells way to chemically for me. Pass. (I will use it up though).


Foil packets to use up Ziaja

Ahh Ziaja. Until very recently, I’ve never even heard of this brand. Then I got these samples in one of the subscription boxes I got (either or BeautyBox). Also, my dear friend Kay from ShoesAndGlitter told me she loved Ziaja, and once I’ve tried their face products, I’ve fallen in love. Not enough to let go of my Eveline products, but they are pretty darn good. Here I have their OrangeButter creamy shower soap and their Goat’s milk body lotion.

Now, I have to say, I just used up the goat’s milk lotion today, and I freakin’ love it! Since I don’t have my holy grail lotion, I may buy this one, and see if I’ve finally found it. It’s so lightweight, so moisturizing, smells amazing and feels amazing on the skin. MUST!


Foil packets to use up Random

Here you can see 2 products, but I actually have 3, since I forgot about the third one, but I’m going to mention it anyways. These are just some random ones that don’t fit into any other category 😀

First is the Benefit They’re Real remover for waterproof eye makeup. Yes, I’ve had this since my trip to London, and I hauled it my London beauty haul. Now, this is the only reason why I understand why people hate foil packets 😀 Once you open this one, you can’t save it for later, and I sure hope it’s not for just one use, cause it looks like it’s quite a lot of product in there (it doesn’t say how much). I will have to throw away the rest, and if I really like it, I am going to hate it for that 😀

Next is one of my biggest fails in my recent history 😀 It’s L’Oreal Sublime Bronze tanning wipes. I am not saying this is a bad product, I’m saying I’m effin’ dumb when it comes to self tanner. I looked crazy when it started showing. I was all kinds of streaky, orange and plain crazy. 😀 I will give it one more try and update you on that.

The last thing in this post (the one I forgot to take a photo of) is La Croa Argan Macadamia Oil hair mask. This is a repurchase and I adore this hair mask! I hope La Croa will expand, since their hair products are amazing, and you will be able to try this yourself and see what I’m talking about.


Do you hate or love foil packets? Have you tried any of these? Would you like to try any of these? Let me know

Thank you for reading!

See you soon xx

P.S. I’m sorry the photos are kind of weird. I got a new camera, and I have no idea what I’m doing 😀 x

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