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Haul 2017

Hello everyone!

Haul 2017

I’ve been away for quite some time now. I haven’t had time to post, things happened, exams happened, my back hurts from sitting and studying so much, so I (again) have a valid reason for being away for so long. Just this week, I already had 3 exams, so don’t even get me started on the few weeks coming up. Just keep your fingers crossed I pass all of them 😀

Anyways, today I wanted to come here and show you some stuff I got over the past month. Including some of my Christmas presents. There’s some tech stuff, beauty and fashion (if you can call it that, and you’ll see why). I have to say, though, for all the cosmetics in this post, if not stated otherwise, it was bought by a gift card, which was a Christmas present from my boyfriend’s mom. So let’s get right into it.

Tech stuff

Sony portable speaker

sony portable speaker

Of course, I forgot to take the box it came in, so I can’t really tell you which one it is, but it’s a really cool little thing. It makes the sound crystal clear, and I’ve really been enjoying my makeup routines jamming to music with this guy! This was actually a Christmas present from my step dad.

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S rose gold

Funny story. A few days after New Year’s, I shattered my 4-year-old iPhone 4S. I was so bummed, and felt really bad. But then I realized… I’ve had that cell phone for literally 4 years. I really could get a new one. So, I used some of my savings, my parents added a little bit, and here is my rose gold little wonder. I love the camera! I’m sure you’ll notice which photos were taken by my old phone, and which ones by my new one 🙂


I actually decided that this year was going to be all about skincare and ingredients. Thanks to my lovely friend Anne from LindaLibraLoca, I know where to go if I get stuck. Not much is in this haul, but you can expect another one in March, when I get my Ebates money (the offer is still valid, where you can earn some, too), where I’m going to buy a lot of new skincare stuff!

Garnier sheet masks

Garnier mask pink

garnier mask green

I have no idea why the world has gone crazy over sheet masks, as if it’s something entirely new. I remember using some way back when. It really confused me. However, these two sounded pretty cool, so I decided to try them. I already tried the pink one, and really like it!

Eveline cosmetics moisturizer

eveline mosturizer

As per usual, once I start loving a face cream, it disappears from the market. Same happened with my beloved Eveline night cream, so I decided to try this one, which is for both day and night. This is supposed to contain retinol and sea algae, so I’m curious to learn about ingredients on this one. Kind of sounds too good to be true.

Fa Paradise Moments shower cream and deodorant

fa duo

Not sure if this is exactly skincare, but let’s say it is. It came in a very cute little makeup bag that I am using all the time now, and these products smell really nice. Once I’ve used up what I’m using at the moment, I will definitely start using these. This was a Christmas gift, also.

Hippy Garden Chamomile Spirit shower oil

shower oil

I’ve never tried anything by this brand, and I’ve never tried a shower oil. This will be a very new experience for me, so I’ll make sure to update you on this one. Also a Christmas gift. This was a gift from a friend of mine.

Ziaja duo

Ziaja duo

I needed a body lotion (I actually apply lotion every day now, and I am so proud of myself!) and a micellar water. When I spotted this, for something like $4… I was over the Moon! More money to spend on other things, haha! The micellar water is for sensitive skin (which is not my skin), and the lotion is natural olive. I haven’t tried the micellar water, but the lotion is quite nice.

Garnier duo

garnier duo

I just ran out of my BB cream! And here comes my step dad’s son with a cool Christmas gift 😀 This duo contains their BB cream in Light, and their 3-in-1 wash, mask and scrub. I will definitely use these.

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine

L'Occitane Immortalle Divine

This actually wasn’t meant for me. I kinda stole it. Okay, not really 😀 My mom got it for Christmas, but she doesn’t really like a complicated skincare routine, so she said she doesn’t really know what to do with all of that and asked me if I wanted this amazing set. Well, if you go online and read about these things, you’ll know that they are pretty amazing. They make me want to save them for when those wrinkles kick in 😀

In this set I got the cutest little makeup bag (which is actually not that little), an oil makeup remover, a moisturizer, an essential water, divine youth oil, and two foils of eye cream.



If you’ve been around for a while, you already know about Melem and my love for it. It’s a balm, that I usually use for lips, but also every other dry part of my body if needed. I wish they expanded outside of Croatia, so that you could try it. I will pretty much always include it in my international giveaways.


Balea hair mask

balea hair mask

You know my love for these tiny Balea masks. I think they smell amazing, they make my hair nice and shiny and silky. I love them. Again, this is a new one, which has peach and coconut. Still not better than the original one, which was mango and aloe vera, which was my favorite. Bring it back, Balea!

Pantene Color Therapy trio

Pantene trio

This set comes with a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask. I’m excited to try these as soon as I use up the one I’m using right now. My hair is getting better, but it’s not there quite yet, so I’ll take anything that will make it healthy again. This was a gift set from my aunt.

Top Stil

Top stil

Top Stil people are the best people ever! They really enjoyed my Label.m review, and decided to send me this sweet Christmas gift. It includes a Morrocan oil hair treatment, and one in light, a detangling brush (which is amazing) and a sea salt spray. I love it! There was also a sweet card, signed by all of them, which is now on my wall 🙂 Thank you, Top Stil!


None of the things in this category were planned 😀 I know, that’s crazy, and you’ll see why. I’ll start with the only thing I can actually say is fashionable.

Thigh high boots

thigh high boots

I kind of wanted boots like these, but I wasn’t sure. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, so my mom told me she’d buy them for me. I declined, because she spent way too much on me lately, and she insisted. So, I agreed to go look for some, thinking I wouldn’t find any that actually fit, since I have the skinniest legs ever. However, I wound these in Aldo, and fell in love! They were around $50, which I feel is not that much at all. I do have to tighten it just a little bit around my leg, but I love them so much!

Snowboard jacket

snowboard jacket

This is the biggest, the most colourful, the warmest and the cheapest jacket I’ve ever owned. Ever. I think it’s fun, it’s a little too big on me, but hey. It’s fun. The most fun part about this jacket is that it cost me $10. $10 for a big ass, warm winter jacket that even covers my butt. I couldn’t not buy it 😀 I just couldn’t.



Ever since these became popular, I really wanted one. However, they were always either expensive or out of stock. So, I ordered this one from SportsDirect.com 😀 And it’s the coziest thing I’ve ever owned. I love it and I hate having to take it off in the morning. (Not entirely sure when I’m going to wash it).


Alverde eyeliner

alverde eyeliner

Well, another repeat. I did say I would buy another eyeliner to try something new, but I can’t. I just can’t. I love this one, and I know it’s good, so I stick to it. Not the best quality for a beauty blogger, I know. 😀

Maybelline Baby Skin face primer

wigs for black women

I feel like I need some dramatic music over here. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been looking for this and wanting to try it. Especially since people say that it’s a dupe for the Porefessional. When I first saw it on YouTube, I went to the drugstore, expecting (stupidly) we’d have something new as soon as it came out in Croatia. Of course they looked at me as if I came out of a mad house. I also was looking for it in London, which surprises me that I didn’t find it. Maybe I just didn’t end up buying it. Not sure. But I finally have it! And I have tried it a few times, but I definitely have to play with it to figure out how exactly that works. I am so happy though! 😀


So, that’s it for this post! Maybe I should have taken photos of multiple products at once, but oh well.

Which of these products do you like? Which one would you like me to review? Do you own any of these? Let me know in the comments.

Btw, huge thank you for helping me reach over 600 followers on Instagram! I really appreciate it <3

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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