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Hello everyone!


Well, let me just say… life is crazy right now ­čśÇ Yup, that’s how I start every single post, and this one is no exception. Since it’s May already, I decided I should do a little update here, and tell you what’s been going on, so maybe you don’t hate me as much for not posting, and not commenting on other blogs. I swear I will catch up as soon as possible.

I actually just now realized I never even wrote down my goals for this year. But I guess we’ll go with the flow.

The beginning of the year was actually quite terrible. Just a day or two before New Year’s my friend’s dad passed away, who was actually my step uncle, and that shocked everyone. So we spent our New Year’s Eve quite differently than first anticipated.

I then received my Colourpop package, which was totally ruined, and ranted about it everywhere.


I started so many things, but didn’t end up sticking to them. Everything was just so unmotivating (and it still kind of is, to be honest).

I posted so little on my blog, which is one place that usually made me happy, but I just couldn’t get myself to write. All I wanted to do is watch YouTube, sleep, eat and do absolutely nothing.

I’m still frustrated with my university and what I’m studying, but I’m trying really hard to love it, even though I don’t think I ever want to do it for a living (quick reminder, I’m studying Museology, which I really didn’t want to study, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which I really enjoy). I still have exams left from the previous semester, which I cannot get myself to take.

Then I found out my mother was ill. It was a true shock, because she sent a sample for testing because she got an invitation, and we never expected it to come back positive. She had collon cancer, and had surgery only about 2 weeks after finding out. It was all so sudden, I didn’t even get a chance to process it. She had surgery, she’s recovered really well, and she is now, thankfully, cancer-free.

On the day of her surgery, my boyfriend and I had a trip booked, which I was so eager to go on, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to, because of the surgery. However, we decided we’d wait for my mom’s surgery to be over and then go, since it was for 2 and a half days only, and I wouldn’t be able to see her in those 3 days anyways. It was our 5th anniversary, and we spent it in Slovenia, in Roga┼íka Slatina, in a spa hotel, and it was absolutely amazing.

Rogaska Slatina

A few┬á days after we came back from the trip, I hit 1.000 followers on Instagram. I didn’t even have 300 at the beginning of the year, and suddenly I was at 1.000, and only a month later I was at 2.000. I am so thankful for that.

Then I started the #FormulaFriday series, and really tried to post it every Friday. Then one Friday came when I couldn’t, then the second one and the third one, and now I haven’t posted anything for 3 weeks. I hate being so unmotivated. I have so many post ideas, but I just can’t get myself to write them.

formula friday

However, today is my birthday! I am turning 24. And my blog is turning┬á2, as well! So, new year, new me, new blog, you know how they say… I am really going to try, no matter how much homework, uni work I have, or how unmotivated I feel, I am going to try to write at least once a week. So, let’s turn the new leaf with this post. What are we going to do by the end of the year:


  1. Do an international giveaway
  2. Write (at least) once a week
  3. Try to get to 10k followers on Instagram
  4. Try to get to 1k followers on Pinterest
  5. Plan ahead
  6. Do social media more
  7. Create a way to monetize the blog
  8. Create an online service
  9. Implement all the marketing knowledge you have to the blog
  10. Improve all the statistics (especially Bounce Rate)

So these are the things I would like to achieve on the blog level. I hope you will help me achieve it.

Also, to all my dear blogging friends… Anne, Serein, Kay and all the others… Please visit their blogs and show them some love, since I haven’t been doing that lately. I promise I’ll catch up on as much as possible asap!

I hope you guys will help me achieve these goals and I hope you will join me on this journey!


I would like to ask you… If I do a gift card as a giveaway prize, which store would you like it to be for?


Thank you all for reading!

See you (very) soon x