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beautybox cover

Hello everyone!

beautybox cover

I’m back! I’ve been on a 3-week vacation. Batteries charged. Ready to dig into work.

Today I have an unboxing for you. I did the same one, at the same time last year. I haven’t ordered a beauty subscription box in quite some time, but I feel like boxes here in Croatia are getting better each month, so I decided to give it a go. If you’d like to know what was inside, just keep reading!

BeautyBox general info

BeautyBox is a monthly subscription beauty box, that you can get in Croatia for around $15. They claim that the value of products inside is at least double the price of the box. Inside the box you can get both full size and travel size products, and sometimes samples as well. As you can see, this month’s box is all about flamingos. Just like the rest of the world, the Croats are crazy about them, but, to be honest, there weren’t that many of them at the beach for the past 3 weeks that I’ve been there. Have you noticed the trend?

beautybox drawer

As you can see, the box itself is a little cardboard drawer, and you can stack them on top of each other. I am using the previous one for my mascaras and other eye makeup products, so I’m definitely adding this one on top! I will show you my makeup storage once I’m happy with it 😀

beautybox inside

What I got in the BeautyBox?

In the box I got 6 full sized products! That’s actually quite awesome. There was one sample product and one travel size product. Let’s start with those!

sample products

The sample product is actually a condom. Whether I think that’s a good idea, or not… well, I’m not really sure. If you happen to buy this for a younger girl, you might find yourself in an embarassing situation of explaining what it is and why it’s in her BeautyBox. Not really beauty-themed, but some might find it useful. Especially since Lelo Hex is a brand new condom company that promises best experience ever, and it’s by no means cheap. You will pay $10 for three of those.

The travel size is actually a fabric softener. I have no idea who travels with it, but okay 😀 Just like the condom, I am not sure it belongs in the BeautyBox, but I will give it a go, and maybe even buy it if I like it. It’s 200ml, and the full size is 900ml (around $2).

Full size

As far as the full sizes go, like I mentioned, I got 6 of them.

The first is a piece of jewelry. It’s a bracelet by Accessoires, in fluorecent green, with rhinestones. It retails for around $4.5. I do think it’s cute, but I’m not really sure I will wear it, so I’ll probably give it to someone else.

Next, we have a soap bar by Melem. You may or may not know that Melem is my favorite lip product ever, and I use it whenever my lips are chapped, and even when my hands are really dry. Now they’ve come out with some new stuff, including this soap. I don’t really use solid soap, so I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or not. It comes with 70g of product and retails for around $3.

Then we have a Wet’n’Wild Color Icon palette containing 5 shadows. Mine is in the shade E3971 She Fancies Floral. The sad part (for me, not for one of my readers) is that I have the exact same one already. However, you could have gotten one of the palettes, which retails for around $6.5. Wet’n’Wild has been in Croatia for a while now, but their shelves are not quite as full as the ones I’ve seen in the USA, and the prices are by no means as low as they are there.

The next thing I got is a Schauma Nature Moments Mediterranean Olive Oil & Aloe Vera shampoo. Since my hair is quite a mess at the moment (dry, falling out and with dandruff that I think I managed to get rid of), I am looking for shampoos and hair products in general to try out. So I am definitely looking forward to trying this one out. This is full size (250ml) and it retails for around $3.

(We’re almost there)

Next is a product by Avon. I really love Avon products, but also them as a brand. I got a ‘very water resistant Moisturizing Sun Spray’ with SPF 15. Okay, to be completely honest, I saw what one of the Croatian bloggers got in her box, and I was really looking forward to the Avon product, because hers was an After Sun cooling spray with vitamin C! How cool is that? You could have gotten a wide variety of Avon sun products, and I kind of think I got the lamest one 😀 You also could have gotten an SPF 50, a glowing body lotion, lotions with higher SPF, etc. Yes, it’s moisturizing, but it’s only SPF 15. I would have appreciated a higher SPF, if I couldn’t get one of the cooler products, haha! But that’s okay, I can always use some sun screen. This one retails for around $12 (150 ml).

The last product is the most exciting one for me. And not because of how the product itself is, but because I can’t wait to compare it to one of my favorites. I really hope it’s going to be at least half as good as the L’Oreal foaming water that seems to no longer exist. The product is Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash for normal to oily skin. My skin is far from oily, so I hope it’s not going to be too drying. I will definitely write an update on this one! This product retails for $7 (150 ml).

Final thoughts. Will I order again?

products beautybox

The box overall is a great way of trying out products you haven’t tried before, or even didn’t know they existed. I love that the products they included are mostly brand new, and most of people didn’t have time to purchase them already 😀 However, I myself didn’t find the box too exciting. Yes, it’s useful mostly, and the products are cool, but I think it’s kind of a hit or miss. The value of the products inside is over $35, which is cool, for sure!

I really can’t say I am not going to order it again, because I know for sure I am going to be tempted and will order again, just like I did now 😀 I am not disappointed, by no means, but I wish there have been more products that would be useful for me, and even more summer themed products.

And that’s it for this post! What do you think about it? Do you order subscription boxes? Are they better where you live?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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