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I have a very interesting post for you today. We are going to learn how to make a 10% Vitamin C Serum. If you remember my #FormulaFriday posts, which I still plan on continuing, I wrote about Vitamin C in one of them. Let’s remind ourselves what it does?

What Vitamin C does?

I’ll quote my old post here, but you can read more about it in the original post.

“Vitamin C helps create younger-looking, firmer-feeling skin while signs of uneven skin tone and spots seem to disappear. Ascorbic acid also helps skin’s surface defend itself from external stressors, lessening the effects of exposure to the elements. It is a powerhouse when mixed with other antioxidants. One ingredient, no matter how amazing, is never enough to take the best care of your skin(!).”

It also helps with collagen production, which I also wrote about in a Collagen #FormulaFriday post.

Why I made the vitamin C serum?

My skin has been quite dull lately. Almost greyish. And right as I was writing about vitamin C, I realized that a vitamin C serum was exactly what I needed.

I started looking for the perfect one, that isn’t too expensive, but I didn’t find much. I wanted it to be somwhere around 10%, not much lower than that and 15% at max. Then I stumbled upon some recipes and realized you could actually do it yourself! I was thrilled. I made my first serum almost 5 months ago. Since there was a lot of aloe vera, it went bad pretty fast.

This time, I also had some aloe vera, but it’s a very small amount, so I’m hoping this one will last a bit longer.

What you’ll need for your Vitamin C serum?

Here is all the ingredients I used:

Ingredients Vitamin C serum

3g of aloe vera (just because my plant was dying and I didn’t want it to go to waste)

30g of glycerin (around $2 for 125 g)

12g of Vitamin E oil (which you can buy 118 ml for $8.99 here)

5g of ascorbic acid (which was around $3 for 100g)

These were the ingredients for making 50g of 10% vitamin C serum. The ingredients for this batch would come down to around $2, which is so much less than anywhere else.

Finished vitamin C serum

All I did was put everything in a high mixing bowl, and blended everything together, until the ascorbic acid was melted. And there you have it! Your own, very cheap DIY vitamin C serum.

I suggest you keep it in the fridge, especially if you decide to use aloe vera. I put it in a bottle that had the dropper, because I like applying it that way, but you can use any container. It would be awesome if you had a dark one, so it doesn’t get affected by light. Mine wasn’t dark, but it was the only one I had.


Make sure your container is completely dry, and that no water comes near the serum, since water can affect the ascorbic acid.

Also, I apply it at night, before going to bed. Putting it on in the morning is not the best idea, especially if you’re going to be in the sun a lot.

I wake up with the most refreshed and amazing face, and I really suggest you all try it!


And that’s it for this post! Do you use a vitamin C serum? Do you make it yourself? What helps you have gorgeous, radiant skin?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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