Glitter Fall Nail Design

Glitter fall nail design

Hello everyone!

Glitter fall nail design

If you remember, back in the day, I would post nail designs pretty often. It was something I did quite often, and enjoyed a lot. I haven’t been doing my nails for quite some time now. Since Fall is here, I decided it was time to make something appropriate.

I will show you this very easy, but cute nail design step by step. I am sorry my cuticles are so terrible. I try to take care of them, but they are always super dry.

What I used?

what I used

Base: Eveline Cosmetics 8in1 total action intensive nail conditioner

All over the nail: Essence no make-up look nail polish in 01 powdery rose*

Leaves: Essence multi dimension xxl shine in 39 spicy

Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 820 Pimp My Shrimp

Top: Essence colour&go in 101 absolute pure

A fan brush

A detailing brush

Fine glitter: gold, brown, red, green

Chunkier glitter: red and gold

Step one

Well, if this is not the first nail design post by me you’re reading, you know what the step zero is. It’s removing previous polish, filing nails, pushing cuticles and applying base coat.


Then I applied two coats of the Essence no make-up look polish.

Step two

After the two coats were dry, I applied clear nail polish (top coat) on the ends of my nails kind of messily. I also brought it down to about the middle of my nail, maybe a bit lower.

I used this brush to apply glitter
I used this brush to apply glitter

I then started dusting the finely milled glitters on top. I started with one color and added all four. I don’t think I’d use the green one next time I’m doing this nail design.


Step three

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. Every single time I’m doing a Fall design, I want to draw leaves. Each time I hate my manicure afterwards. This time was no different. I decided to draw a brown leaf on my thumb and my ring finger, and almost gave up on publishing this post. However, I think the rest of the design is really cute, so I don’t really care. Just don’t repeat my mistakes.


Step four

When everything was dry, I took my top coat once again and applied it over the glitter. I then took my red and gold chunky glitter flakes and added them one by one with a dotting tool on each nail.


Step five

Lastly, I applied top coat over the entire nail and applied some cuticle oil to my cuticles. I know they’re terrible.

chunky glitter


And that’s it for this post! Do you do your own nails? What is your favorite season? Do you like easy nail tutorials like this one?

If you want to see my other nail designs, you can do it here.

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

*PR samples

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