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beauty and fashion haul

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beauty and fashion haul

You know how sometimes you have to move, so you have a billion things to do. I move approximately 4 times a year. And it’s never fun. But it means a bit more shopping than usual. I don’t do hauls very often, so this time, it’s a bigger one, and the first package I am going to talk about, I got in August. So, it’s basically a haul for the past few months. Since this was an extreme period in terms of packages, maybe don’t expect the same amount in two months 😀 Anyways, let’s just get into the post.

Garnier Fructis set*

The first package I’m going to talk about, I got from dm Croatia, one of the biggest Croatian drugstores. If that wasn’t some kind of validation, I don’t know what is 😀

dm garnier

They wanted to help me and my hair ease into Fall, so they sent me the Garnier Fructis Sos Repair set*. The set contains a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask. They also sent me their magazine ‘Lijepa’, with coupons for hair products and a mini Batiste dry shampoo. I love the line, I did have a chance to play with it multiple times. However, it’s good to change it up every once in a while, because it can weigh your hair down and make it a tiny bit greasier. Which I expected, so there were no unpleasant surprises.

Batiste dry shampoo* I can’t really talk about just yet. I used it once and had some scalp issues, but I have to try it again just to see if that was the problem. Will write about it more, soon.


This is not a PR package, but I did receive it from a friend of mine.  I attended a WordCamp conference with her, and she surprised me with this amazing Kiehl’s package! By the way, her name is Rahela, and she also owns a blog and a digital marketing business, so pay her a visit on her blog Rahela’s Reflection.


Rahela got me an Ultra Facial Cleanser, a Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil and a Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. While the Ultra Facial Cleansing product didn’t knock my socks off (find out why in my 5 first impressions), I am a huge fan of the Midnight Recovery line, and I really hope to get my hands on the concentrate soon. Thank you, Rahela! 😉

Wet’n’Wild highlighter

Wet’n’Wild highlighters from the megaglo line just recently came to Croatia. I knew I wanted one way before they came here, but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to find them. And I wasn’t 😀 But I did get my hand on one of them in early September! I was the last one in the store, too 😀

megaglow highlighter

Mine is in the shade Precious Petals, and it’s seruously amazing. I think it has to be my favorite at the time. But I will write about my favorites really soon. It’s a golden shade, can be built up quite nicely, so I’m in love. I wrote about it in my 5 First Impressions post.


I got a package from Silcare. They are a company that has everything and anything you can find for nail art. And they are pretty affordable, especially for a Polish brand. They do have some discounts on their website right now, so do give it a look.


This is the package I got. Imagine the ectasy of getting 27 items to try out. The only problem is… I don’t use a UV lamp 😀 So, the only thing in this package that I can use is a hand cream (which is decent) 😀

I do have a few girls trying out these for me, so it’s fine, but I wish I got this many nail polishes, or glitters, or something I could use 😀 When the girls try those out, I will tell you what the products are like.

Moving and shopping

As I already mentioned, I moved this month, so I had to buy some basic stuff. I did end up buying a few more I didn’t really need, but what the hell.


As you can see… Pretty basic. Some cotton pads, a Rexona deodorant (which is actually a really good one, called cotton dry, I like it!), a Dove shower gel, again, Garnier Fructis Grow Strong shampoo and conditioner (hopefully these work just as well as the SOS Repair ones, because I need what they claim to do), an Eveline Cosmetics day cream, some cotton swabs and a hand soap.

dm new yorker

No, I didn’t buy the Garnier Fructis set twice, but I still wanted to show you other two things I bought with them. It is a New Yorker bathing suit, which I already have in mint, but I think it’s ah-ma-zing! I bought one at the beginning of summer for over $20. However, now when the summer is long gone, I bought it for around $7! How amazing is that. It’s really comfortable, and I think it was worth buying another one 😀

The other thing in here is a Balea sleeping mask from the dm drugstore. I have to say, I am a terribly unstill sleeper 😀 so something like a sleeping mask, especially a sticky one, is not an option. I did try it during the day, and thought it was quite nice. I have some left, so you’ll see more about it in my empties.


Also, you may or may not know, I love doing my own vitamin C serum. So, months (literally, 5 months at least) ago, I decided to buy a little bottle with a pump like this one. However, I lost it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, until last week, when I was cleaning my ‘student apartment’ and found it among my notebooks 😀 So, since I never used it, I thought why not include it here 😀 I bought it for $1 in a store called Hospitalia.*

You may have already seen my previous haul and review from Even though it was a very successful review the first time, I’m afraid it is not so this time. They contacted me via email and told me I can pick out items from their store worth $18. I managed to get 6 products for that money, one of which was a backpack. How cool is that??


I got a backpack, a wallet, 2 brushes, a watch and a necklace. I will write more about these, because this post would be way too long. But I have to say, the backpack, the wallet and the necklace work! The zippers are a bit too harsh, and can open sometimes 😀 but a minor issue on an inner zipper in a wallet. However, the watch came broken and wrong color (I really wanted a rose gold one, and this one is clearly gold) and the brushes are nothing like on the website. Which was disappointing, but I am still happy with my order, and I do think that this website is so cheap, that you really don’t lose a lot if something doesn’t work 😀

Broken watch
Broken watch


Farmasi is all the rage in Croatia now. Well, maybe not anymore, actually, but, as usually, I’m late to the bandwagon. Anyways, I decided to order a few things, and see what all of that is about.

Farmasi haul

I decided to order a Reina Midnight perfume for my friend’s birthday. They claim that this one is a dupe for YSL Black Opium, which you know is my absolute favorite! So I knew that was a good choice, but I had to compare the two. So a friend I ordered this from borrowed me her sister’s, so I can try it out, check the wear-time, and most importantly- compare it to the Black Opium! That post is coming really soon 😉

I also got 3 sets (one I already gifted to my cousin for her birthday) of their refreshing peel off mask with lime and their refreshing body splash with lime, melon and strawberry. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’ll make sure to let you know how I felt.

The last thing I ordered is their silver glitter ‘Pretty Dots’ nail polish, which I think I am going to enjoy.  It contains both tiny and bigger glitter, so I think it looks really pretty.

The friend who I ordered this from knows I have a blog, so she gave me a bunch of samples to try out 😀 so I can get to know Farmasi a little bit better. Thank you 😉

Beauty Bay

This is the package I got last week, and is the one I’ve been waiting for so I can write this post (but then things happened and now it’s already a week later :D). This is a very special package for me, because I bought it from the money I earned with this blog. If you want to know how you (as an individual, not a blogger) can earn some money online, check out my saving and making money online post. It’s quite easy, by the way.

Beauty Bay

Some of these products are for me, some are for my Mom’s birthday, but they are all absolutely amazing. So let’s see what I have here.

The Ordinary Agireline Solution 10% is for my Mom, but I will take before and after photos to show you if it really is botox in a jar. We’ll see. I also got The Ordinary AHA 30% and BHA 2% Peeling Solution (for me), which really excites me 😀

I got 2 masks from Holika Holika. One is an Acai Berry sheet mask for your face, which I’m pretty sure I knew why I got this exact one, but everything on the packaging is in Korean, so I’ll check the website, and let you know in an update. The other one is Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet. Obviously a foot mask, which I got for my Mom, since she just stopped taking chemo, and her hands and feet are in a terrible state. Maybe this will help. I will let you know.

GLITTER!!! I got glitter! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to lather my face with these. I bought those for Halloween mostly, but I will definitely play with them and let you know how they work! In love! Also, one of them came with a glue, too.

I also got a lipstick for my Mom by Winky Lux, called Matte Pill in Plush. This is the tiniest little lipstick, which is in a pill form I guess, or a bullet. But I’m not sure she is going to be happy with the color. I was hoping for a different one, to be honest. Forgot which one I ordered. I hope she likes it, though.

MAKEUP GEEK!!! I got my first Makeup Geek product! I already had a chance to play with it, and I have to say… it’s absolutely stunning. I have been watching videos about Makeup Geek for ages and have been wanting all of their eyeshadows! I finally decided to get one, since I was ordering from Beauty Bay (or maybe that was the reason I was ordering from Beauty Bay). I got one pressed eyeshadow pan in Roulette. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You wanted it so bad, and got one thing and in neutral (fairly) colour. Well, to be honest, I wanted to see how it works, and now I know I really have to order more :D.

The last thing I got is a LashGrip clear adhesive for strip lashes. I know what you’re thinking. You. Don’t. Wear. False. Lashes.


Yup, I don’t. But I intend on trying them. I ordered a five pack from eBay 😀 and they just arrived the other day. Just to play with, because I wouldn’t be able to apply them in the first try, so I didn’t want to ruin my first Adell lashes 😀 Hopefully it turns out well.

cover fx

In the Beauty Bay box was also one sample product. It was a Double-Duty primer by Cover Fx. I did try it out, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. You’ll see more in an upcoming empties post.

And that’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed this biggest ever haul on my blog. Let me know which product you’d like me to review first. You can contact me on either platform, even if you want a link to certain products.

Have you done any shopping lately? What are your favorite online stores to shop from?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

*PR samples

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