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Christmas presents

Hello everyone!

Pročitajte post na hrvatskom!

Christmas gifts

Happy new year! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, that your resolutions are all written down and ready to conquer. I have to say, my goals for this year are much more achievable than how they used to be. I will write them all down and post them here, on my blog, once I have posted everything I have planned!

I know, Christmas was quite some time ago. However, I still decided to show you what I got. I think everything this year was absolutely adorable and sweet, so I hope you’ll enjoy this post. Most of these are from my closest friends and my boyfriend, while I got mostly money from my family, haha.

And yes, I have to give a disclaimer. This is not to brag, but to show you what I got, so maybe you’ll get some ideas for some future gifts, or maybe you’re just interesting, like I am, and I enjoy reading these 😀 Now, let’s get started!

I am going to start with my gift from me to me.

from me to me

I bought a gift set from a Croatian site called Danijel Cosmetics. This set was made in collaboration with one of our bloggers, Dash of Blue Makeup, so I wanted to support her, and it was around $20 and it included brands I’ve never used before: Bronx Colors, Revuelle Beauty & Care and the famous Ardell lashes. In the set there was a highlighter, an eyeshadow palette, a concealer, a lip liner and a liquid lipstick by Bronx Colors; a black peel-off mask and a bi-phase makeup remover by Revuelle; and Ardell Mega Volume lashes with a Duo eyelash glue.

I think that the value is pretty good for the price, and I especially enjoy the palette and the highlighter, both of which you will see in some of my future posts. I have to say, the liquid lipstick was a bit of a disappointment, though.

All the other gifts are in categories, so let’s start with cosmetics.

Makeup, skincare and jewelry

Makeup cosmetics jewelry

First up, on top of the photo, you can see 2 products in cardboard packaging. They are both Croatian, natural products, from a company called Spunoteka. On the left is a hand cream with almond and cocoa butter, and on the right is a bar of soap with olive oil and essential oils. Both of these smell divine!

Next, you can see a deodorant by Garnier. I am constantly on a hunt for a good spray-deodorant, so I was happy to have another one to try. So far, I’m quite happy with it.

Next is a 2-layered choker necklace, which is absolutely adorable. I love dainty jewelry, so I think this is perfect for me!

Under the necklace, you can see a Deborah Milano Perfect Smokey Eye Palette in 02, that contains 5 gorgeous shades. Even though I usually don’t really use these tiny palettes, I don’t really have shades like these, so I will definitely use this one.

Last, but certainly not least is a L’Oreal Lash Extatic mascara, which quite recently came to Croatia. I was so happy to have it, because I probably wouldn’t buy it myself (since I have way to many mascaras) and I immediately fell in love with it. I will definitely write a review very soon.



The first thing you can see in this photo is a Christmasy shirt. This is a long sleeved shirt with a turtle neck. Perfect for this season under a cardigan!

Next to it are pajama pants, that are so soft and comfy, and still, look beautiful. These were from my boyfriend 😀

Then we have some really warm and soft grey gloves.

And lastly, a huge, beige Mango scarf. I love scarfs, shawls, pashminas and everything of the sort, so you can’t really go wrong with it.

Cute stuff (i.e. I have no idea what to call this category)

cute stuff

This, along with the pajama pants, was a gift from my boyfriend. His first idea was to buy me a $18 water bottle 😀 So I told him not to be crazy, and to get me this one, which has a fruit infuser. I love infused water, especially during summer, so I know I will put this to a good use.

You may or may not know this about me, but I have a crazy, stupid, hoarding obsession with notebooks, stationery, anything to do with paper, really. So I got this adorable little notebook, that is actually an agenda, but doesn’t have the dates. You can use it for notes, really, but I decided to use it to track my goals this year! So, you will probably see it more once I write my 2018 goals post 😉

Skin and hair

skin and hair

Of course, I am taking photos of everything, and have to forgot something. So this will have to be a separate photo 😀

Here you can see a hand made soap with essential oils called Pool Party, with a cute little duckling on top. Absolutely adorable.

Next is a hair oil by Yves Rocher for very dry and damaged hair with jojoba (and many more) oil. This is supposed to be used only 10 minutes before washing your hair, but I usually leave it on for a lot more than that. Maybe that’s why my hair’s been getting greasy quicker than before (?).

Cozy nights gift

cozy night

The last gift was from a dear friend of mine, who knows me quite well, even though it may not seem so when you first see what she got me 😀

The first thing is a book by Paulo Coelho called The Witch of Portobello. You probably don’t know this, but my favorite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It has a very sentimental value to me. However, that is at the same time the only book of his that I’ve read. So I am very happy to start reading this one (even though it will have to wait a while, ’til I have more time).

The next thing is red wine. I really love red wine, but I don’t really drink it that often.

This totally sounds like the perfect gift to relax! I can’t wait for March (when things will be more settled down), when I will be able to grab a book and a glass of wine and spend my evenings reading!


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who thought of me, and decided to buy me something. I really appreciate each and every gift I got. I hope I didn’t forget anything. If I did, it means it has already been put to use, and I simply forgot to grab it.

If you’d like to see what I got for Christmas 2 years ago, I have an article on that topic, too.

What did you get for Christmas this year? How was your holiday season?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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