L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

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Yes, I’m back. I have to say. The start of this year was crazy. So many things happened. Some people say January is the longest month. For me, I still have a feeling it’s mid-January. I had so much work to do, so many things happening, so much to study… It passed like that (imagine me snapping fingers). I have 2 more exams left for now, and I am taking them in about a week, and then things are going to be much easier. I am going to invest a lot more time in this blog! I promise!

But, let’s get to our topic today. You may have seen this mascara in my What I got for Christmas post. As soon as I applied this one on my lashes, I knew I would adore this mascara. But, let’s see why.


L'Oreal Paradise Extatic

This mascara comes in a cardboard box, with all the details you need to know, and the mascara tube itself is really simple, with coppery/rose gold  matte tube, and shiny cap.

What the packaging says:

  • Intense volume
  • Spectacular long lashes
  • Pleasure to apply

Here is the list of ingredients:


It contains Ricinus/Castor seed oil (quite down the list), which is great for strengthening and growing your lashes, and it has an ultra soft brush (their words, not mine).

Here are some test results based on self-evaluation on 107 women:


  • 90% saw intense and volumized lashes
  • +98% lengthening effect
  • 79% felt supple lashes

Expiration date for this mascara is 6 months after opening, but I’ll be honest, I never throw mascara if I know it’s not gotten bad. I can’t even use up an entire mascara in 6 months, since I use makeup once or twice a week.

The European version of this mascara comes with 6.4 ml of the product, which is quite a small amount, and it’s smaller than the American version (I seriously do not understand why do brands do bigger and better products for American market).

The price of this mascara is around $15.

My natural lashes

My lashes are one of my favorite features. They are very long, and have decent volume. They are also naturally curly, and I’ve never used an eyelash curler in my life.

no mascara closed

However, they are quite light. So they are not very visible without mascara. Same goes for my eyebrows.

no mascara side

When I do wear mascara (especially a good one), people usually ask me if I am wearing falsies (which I’ve also worn 2 times in my whole life).

no mascara open

L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara

mascara closed 1

With adding just one layer of mascara, you can see that my lashes are elongated and a lot of volume is added.

mascara side 1

They are nicely separated, but you should be quite precise, because they can get stuck together (which I, personally, don’t mind).

mascara open 1

The brush is quite simple, nothing never seen before, and the formula is not too wet, but wet enough for smooth application.

brush 1

So, let’s go back to the claims from the packaging:

  • Intense volume- true
  • Spectacular long lashes- true
  • Pleasure to apply- not really true


So, why isn’t it pleasure to apply? You may have seen in some photos that I have some black dots on my lids. It does tend to flake. It’s also quite easy to poke yourself in the eye 😀 And you’ll have mascara all over your eyes.

Two layers of mascara

mascara closed 2

When applying second layer of mascara, you should be very careful, because your lashes can really get stuck together.

mascara side 2

However, the second layer does give more volume, and length.

mascara open 2

If you want to see this mascara in action, I’ve used it a lot lately in my makeup looks. You can see them on my Instagram.

My grade for this mascara: 4/5

And that’s it for this post! Have you tried this mascara? What is your favorite mascara? And would you be interested in seeing my mascara collection?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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